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The winners of the competition of scientific works in English!

The winners of the competition of scientific works in English!

Two students of the 1st medical faculty - graduate Anastasia Kucherenko and sophomore Oleksandra Lykhasenko successfully defended the honor of the university in the competition of student research papers in English in fundamental medicine.

From year to year, ZSMU students are more and more courageous to explore complex scientific issues that are of top interest of global medicine. They successfully represent their research works at respected scientific forums. Two students of the Medical Faculty №1 - graduate Anastasia Kucherenko and sophomore Oleksandra Lykhasenko successfully defended the honor of the University in the competition of students’ research works in English in Fundamental Medicine. The online event was organized by Bogomolets National Medical University and Bukovinian State Medical University.

To participate in this forum is not easy; only high-quality works are here. In spring 2020 both students had a challenge, taking part in the University's second round of fundamental students’ works online.

A representative of the young scientific generation of ZSMU and a student of the Department of Pathological Physiology Anastasia Kucherenko who participates in the scientific after-class activities of the Department works under the supervision of the Head of the Department, Doctor of Science (Medicine), Professor Olga Gancheva. During her student years she is constantly refining herself; moreover, the girl was awarded by the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, and last year she took the first place in the competition of students’ research works at the Bogomolets National Medical University. Olga Viktorivna notes such an important feature for a scientist as persistence in scientific research - Anastasia independently models and conducts experiments. So she studied the gender differences in the effects of training on the body of men and women.

The report was awarded a certificate and a diploma for the original idea and recognized as one of the best student research papers. The result of the research is logical because the student presented interesting observations obtained as an outcome of training rats on a special racetrack, under certain physical loads, and using the method of treadmill testing of heart and blood pressure during the physical exercises. "According to a special method, rats ran along the path for some time, so that we recorded their condition when they got tired," said Anastasia. - Changes in weight, water, and fat balance and other parameters were observed. It was interesting to work with the rats because no one has done such research before us. Although we started developing this topic long before the beginning of coronavirus pandemic, it turned out that it was very relevant now, because more than 40 percent of those who died from the virus were overweight and had obesity. That is, we proved how important nutrition correction was .and now it’s necessary to help people to overcome obesity by choosing individual physical activity and diet.

Anastasia said that the online competition had its own peculiarities – firstly, the students worked at meet Google, secondly, the clarity of the report, and the specificity of the conclusions were evaluated. And, of course, the proper level of English was also required. The student is grateful for the assistance of her supervisors – Professor Olga Gancheva and Associate Professor Olga Melnikova, who assisted her with the English support.

For sophomore Oleksandra Lykhasenko, participation in a competition of this kind was the first scientific experience, and certainly she was worried. Good knowledge of English and an interesting topic she had been working on since last semester added her confidence and helped her.

The girl had to work hard to perform with her study "Sonographic parameters of the thyroid gland of young men, residents of the industrial region". So, Oleksandra conducted the ultrasound examination of four groups of young people, each one with six representatives of different age groups - from 18 to 21 years old; she analyzed how their development was affected by the fact that they were born and lived in a rather polluted environment - an industrial city.

"I worked on the topic at the Department of Normal Physiology," said Oleksandra, "I am grateful to the Head, Associate Professor Marina Anatoliyivna Tikhonovskaya. It was an interesting process; I even mastered some skills in ultrasound diagnostics. I received a certificate for participation in the conference, in future I will feel more confident with my research; I want to get acquainted with all the clinical Departments of the University to determine which medical specialty I can choose. But I am sure of the main thing - I didn’t make a mistake while choosing my future profession".

22 May 2020

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