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The State Examination: Third Day

The State Examination: Third Day

The registration for the exam started at 8 AM. Professor and The Doctor of Medical Science Vitaliy Syvolap who is the Head of Examination Board said that all 211 students connected to MS Teams. The exam started at 9 AM after Vitaliy Syvolap opened an envelope with the variant for the exam. Members of the Examination Board, Members of the Rectorate, Deans of the Faculties, and their Deputies, The Heads of Graduating Faculties monitored the processes.

Professor Vitaliy Syvolap said to us,” Today is the third day of exams for English and Russin-speaking foreign students. The exam is very difficult but it runs harmoniously and calmly. We worked on algorithms for such e-exams and we see big advantages of such format. All students are in the same conditions, they have similar tasks. Moderators work well. .Students have tasks in General Hygiene, Social Hygiene, Helthcare Management, COVID-19. There are 3 tasks’ variants for every part of the exam. Generally it is 60 Krok tests. They have a minute for every question. Students cope with tasks. We see all results on monitors.

Mykola Avramenko said that foreign students prepared for the state exam well. They used for e-studying for the quarantine. So for them, e-exam wasn’t a surprise.

26 May 2020

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