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8 online classes and strict module testing

8 online classes and strict module testing

Professor and The Doctor of Medical Science Vasyl Troyan who is The Head of The Department of Otorhinolaryngology prefer offline classes with students by his side where he can see their reaction and nonverbal response to his words. He gave examples that he often had taken students to The Municipal Clinical Hospital № 3 where came people with severe, often oncological, pathologies of the ear, throat, nose. He treated there students more like future colleagues. Then they discuss cases they saw in classes. In such a way students acquire theoretical and practical skills simultaneously.

In such a way students acquire theoretical and practical skills simultaneously.Such an option is unavailable in quarantine. That is why Vasyl Troyan believes that he cannot teach students at the same level. Students don’t have access to real cases and practical skills mastering in real conditions. However, the staff of the Department found a way to teach students well in e-format. When it comes to e-studying teachers are very strict and exacting. Professor Vasyl Troygan together with Doctors of Medical Science and Associate Professors: Ivan Nikulin, Mykhaylo Nikulin, Oleksandr Kostrovskyy, Iryna Sinayko, and Assistant Professors: Denys Putilin, Ivan Nikulin.

Professor Vasyl Troyan said to us” We teach Ororhinolaryngology in MS Teams, MS Forms of Microsoft Office 365. The course consists of 8 classes. This course is highly important despite it being short that is why final testing is highly importing. We created online-groups of all teachers with students’ groups in MS teams. Students get access to all necessary methodological materials, multimedia materials, textbooks, and so on. Teachers made special videos about different methods of ENT-organ examination and the number of surgeries to make compensation for the absence of real practice in hospitals.

Teachers gave tests after every class to see how students mastered new knowledge, organized advisory, and discussing classes. Associate Professor Iryna Sinayko worked with them.The staff of the Department also organized classes for first and second-year interns.

The Administration Board and workers of the Municipal Clinic Hospital №3 highly appreciate hardworking and contribution of the Department workers, especially the team headed by Professor Vasyl Troyan. That is why the administration of the clinical base addressed a request to the rector of ZSMU about the need for medical and diagnostic work in the ENT clinic during the quarantine of the staff of the department. They re working hard at such a difficult period. For example, Professor Vasyl Troyan and Associate Professor Iryna Sinayko consulted 126 patients, operated on 20 patients with urgent and ENT oncological pathology.

21 May 2020

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