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The state examination of student virtual and unbiased

The state examination of student virtual and unbiased

All graduates have to deal with 5 case tasks and 5 parts. The state examination board prepared 3 variants of tasks. When Vitaliy Syvolap who is The head of the examination board opens the envelope with today’s variant the moderator will load it and the exam will start at nine o'clock.

The examination board controls the examination process in a real-time format. They can monitor the process with diagrams of the right answers that are changing every second.

Professor Vitaliy Syvolap told us “Today students are passing internal professional, and infectious disease. They will pass pediatric and obstetrics and gynecology and social medicine and social hygiene. When students pass Krok-2, they will pass an examination with virtual patients via a system of virtual access. Today everything is passing smoothly. I think we have to also use such a format in the future because it is very unbiased. Students get personal logins and passwords to enter their examination page Everybody gets a similar task and has the same time to perform it. All students have the same conditions. So students with not good knowledge will have no excuse for their bad results. This format makes it impossible to write off, prompting, because the whole flow is at the same time, and each student will work on their answers, never be distracted by conversations and consultations.

The team application loaded the exam results almost immediately in excel. The examination board choose different parameters and build a visualization of the results, set the validity of the tests, and the average score.

Professor Oleksiy Ryzhkov who is the Head of the Department of Medical and Pharmaceutical Information Science and Modern Technologies who provides technical support for the exam really enjoys the process.

The state examination of Ukrainian students will start next week. students specialized in medicine will take the exam On May 26, and students who specialized in pharmacy will take it the next day.

20 May 2020

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