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Joint TV Show of ZSMU and ALEX.UA TV broadcasting company

Joint TV Show of ZSMU and ALEX.UA TV broadcasting company

A big joint project of Zaporizhzhia State Medical University and ALEX.UA TV broadcasting company that is called “While the ambulance is coming” won the hearts of the audience.

Students made short videos under the guidance of Associate Professor Oleh Liovkin on the basis of The Interdepartmental Training Center of ZSMU. Students perform different life situation where health and life may be endangered, they give simple recommendations, they teach others how to act immediately in case of emergencies. Their videos aired in a popular Zaporizhzhia TV broadcasting company. The audience gave good reviews to these videos as they cover such impotent topics as First aid to a person that fainted? , How to stop bleeding?, What to do in case of RTI? , How to conduct cardiopulmonary resuscitation?, What to do if a person has a foreign matter in airways?, What safety rules one’s should remember about when you give first aid to the injured person?, What you have to explain when you call an ambulance?. Some of these questions could seem like a very simple one. But in reality, very few people, who are not medical workers know questions on all these questions.

The first episode of the TV Show was dedicated to coronavirus infection that is the most important issue of the present day. Professor Olena Ryabokonʹ who is the Head of The Department of Infectious Diseases told recommendation in case one catch coronavirus disease.

The project turned out to be so successful and socially important that the TV broadcast company not only broadcasting it but also shares with it on social media. This show covers knowledge that can save somebody's life while an ambulance is coming.

20 May 2020


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