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The workers The Department of Multimodal Diagnostics and Propedeutics welcome, teach and help students

The workers The Department of Multimodal Diagnostics and Propedeutics welcome, teach and help students

Students need to work hard even in e-format. Distance learning didn’t influence the level of requirements at all. Teachers pay attention to every single detail. Students cannot just send works for the sake of sending. Teachers can give such comments as The survey on the anamnesis of the disease is not fully described: the patient was treated for two days or not; what examination was offered, what diagnosis did the doctor make? Not all complaints are detailed, there are mistakes in the objective examination, no preliminary diagnosis is formulated, and so on.

The Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Vitaliy Syvolap who is the Head of the Department said that he really appreciates hard-working of his teaching staff and their ability to adapt to new conditions quickly. Such work gives amazing results, especially at the end of the academic year. He said to us,” Teachers of the Department organized the work according to the schedule. They have recently summed up the results by organizing a pass-fail exam in Propaedeutics of internal medicine.3rd year students passed it in real-time format.38 student groups of medical specialties,13 groups of short-length of studying and 33 groups of the international faculty passed this exam. Teachers were strict that is why some students need 2 attempts to pass it. But after a better preparation, all students coped with it.

Professor Vitaliy Syvolap said that it was a little challenging for the whole department to organize e-studying in Nursing Practice that has been started on the 13th of April. Teachers prepared case tasks for every topic to help students dive into the regular responsibilities of nurses in the therapeutic department. Every Student got individual tasks that they mast performed and sent to his/her teacher. Students passed a pass-fail exam in 4th class. The results of the exam were a very good one.

2nd-year students started a new subject called “The Department welcomes you in the training class. Care of patients of a therapeutic profile”.Students got tasks for every academic group and started to work on testing tasks.

Students cannot visit The Interdepartmental Training Center of ZSMU but the staff of the Department of Multimodal Diagnostics and Propedeutics found a way out. They made 6 training films based on the list of practical skills under the guidance of Professor Vitaliy Syvolap.

18 May 2020


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