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Research ground of medical plants is flourishing

Research ground of medical plants is flourishing

The Doctor of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor Sergiy Trezhyntskogo The Head of the Department the research field is insistent need as students who will become pharmacists need live contact with all plants for being able to distinguish them and to know all their features.

Two-high terrace divided into sections was built in autumn. There you can see seed-plots with a convenient watering system. All plants were switched to another place for the period of construction activities. Planting fund includes more than 150 plants species. Workers of the Department headed by The Senior Teacher Inna Schevchenko gathered it and care it attentively every day. Inna Schevchenko comes every day at the dawning to the land site to set out plants.

She told us,” We had been waiting for spring to start ordering fields. Finally we can work on research land site thanks to the Rectorate of ZSMU and The Dean Office of Pharmaceutical Faculty who made their contributions to the development of this land site. Students can study agrarian and planted medical plants, master basic skills on how to grow and care about these plants during classes, and training practice in pharmacognosy. The teaching staff of the department teaches students the main ways of growing, collecting, primary cultivation, drying of drug plants they need for preparing the medication. It is an amazing opportunity for further pharmacists to learn how to distinguish drug plants based on its external features diagnose it, identify it, remember it, to be able to differentiate where its use alone and were with some impurities. Now we can conduct many classes on this land site. Our plans were changed a little bit because of quarantine. We were thinking about starting classes with students here right now. But nowadays the study process is running in e-format and students will come here later."

15 May 2020

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