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Graduate students and examiners trained for passing exams online

Today workers of ZSMU organized training for accessing students of General Medicine and Pediatrics to the first stage of internal medicine examination with Teams. Associate Professor Svitlana Morguntsova who is Pro-rector for scientific-pedagogical and academic work, Professor Vitaliy Syvolap who is the Head of State certification committee, Deans of the Faculties, Professor Oleskiy Ryzhov, who is the head of the Department of Medical and Pharmaceutical Information Science and Modern Technologies, moderators who represented their faculties and departments participated in the training.

Professor Svitlana Morguntsova said the purpose of the training to test the system, see as it could access about 600 students simultaneously, and analyze their answers. They need all these processes to happen without time delays.

They took disciplines in internal diseases (therapy, neurology, infectious diseases, and another one)To try a programm for such a task.473 graduate students of the 6th year have to pass the exam.473 of these graduate students studied in General Medicine and 107 of these graduate students studied in Pediatrics. It means that at all 560 graduate students need to pass it. About 90% of these students successfully access the program for passing the examination. Now moderators analyze why other students couldn’t access the exam and how they can help them.

They tested the technical features of the program. They also could see tests’ validities and average points by switching the examination results from Teams to Excel and charting diagram based on different parameters. Moreoever, they can make psychometrics of the examination. Students got access to the system with a special login and password. All students have the same amount of time to pass the exam. Examination questions were created by ZSMU departments’ workers. Teams automatically grouped it into a hundred variants.

The team is satisfied with the results of the training examination. They saw some technical issues too that they need to pay more attention. They will make a step by step guide list for moderators and students to help them to avoid all problems during the examination. All moderators will be trained by Professor Oleksiy Ryzhov in Teams. All moderators are very active and motivated.

15 May 2020

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