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Re-creation of real pharmacy conditions with e-technologies

Re-creation of real pharmacy conditions with e-technologies

Teachers of the Department were glad to see that students’ knowledge and skills improved with the introduction of e-learning. Students successfully mastered all knowledge and skills within the academic program. That is why they got amazing results in the pass-failure examination.

The Doctor of MedicineDoctor of Medical Science and Professor Oleh Kraydashenko who is the Head of the Department of Clinical Pharmacology, Pharmacy, Pharmacotherapy, and Cosmetology said that the process of switching from traditional education into full e-learning education was a challenge for workers of the department. However, they cope with it successfully. Teachers organized productive work with students during the quarantine. All lectures and practical classes are conducted according to the schedule in online-format for students of Medical Faculty No. 1, Medical Faculty No. 2, Medical Faculty No. 3, Pharmaceutical Faculty No. 1, Pharmaceutical Faculty No. 2, International Faculty No. 2.

Formation of clinical thinking and development of social and professional mobility is one of the main goals in the education of future pharmacists and pharmacologists. Students have to understand and learn by heart new information but also, they have to be able to make the right decisions and use knowledge in practice. That is why the e-learning format made teachers’ work harder. Oleh Kraydashenko highly appreciates the creativity of the department workers as good as their teamwork skills and hard-working.

The academic year will finish soon so all workers of the department work hard. The main task for the workers of the Department of Clinical Pharmacology, Pharmacy, Pharmacotherapy, and Cosmetology is to prepare students properly for the KROK 2 examination and the unified state qualification examination. Teachers prepare students for the exams in online-format using EDX and MS Teams platforms. Students also simulate practical situations in pharmaceutical services delivery that pharmacists usually have in real pharmacies. It helps to develop the necessary skills for future work.

Professor Oleh Kraydashenko is sure that students will successfully pass the KROK-2 examination thanks to their responsibility and also the dedication of their teachers.

14 May 2020

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