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Quarantine is a good time for development

Quarantine is a good time for development

The staff of the Department of Physical Colloid Chemistry easily coped with e-learning technologies introduction for teaching students in the quarantine. The Department has worked on e-materials for studying for a few years. They also paid big attention to the creation of such video -material as video lectures, video practical classes in a laboratory,video-analysis of KROK tests. They all are available on our website . There are two versions of our website: Ukrainian and English. We also used interactive technologies and controlling applications as Ratos and Kahoot. We have also organized online classes for students who missed a class and have to show how they learn new material themselves for few and used e-technologies for teaching students of an off-campus form of studying.

That is why we easily switched to a distance-learning format. Office 365 is the main set of applications we use for work.MS Teams is the most important clue for our successful teaching process. Teachers can choose the best plan for practice class organizations themselves. We discussed all plans for classes at online-meetings of the Department. The quarantine conditions show us what aspect of e-learning we have to improve as converting some materials into video, translation of such materials into several languages, converting of some materials into MS Forms format, and so on. The staff of our department pays big attention to professional attention. For example, they participate in online-school that is called “Professional development of a pharmacist in pandemic conditions”.

The most difficult goal for teachers nowadays is to motivate students to study well even in any conditions. We do our best to make them interested in studying. That is why teachers often use different interactive teaching methods as discussion, group work, presentations, brainstorming, debate. Teaching staff also use different web-services to make classes more interesting. For example, we use to give students chemical crossword puzzles and other interesting tasks, to show different chemical and physical phenomena with interactive simulations, to check fast how well students master new material and to help students systematize the main pieces of information in a new topic.

The percent of bad marks and class missing is very small thanks to such a way of work organization. The semester will finish in a couple of weeks. Now we put our efforts to prepare students for pass/failure exams and KROK 1 examination in Pharmacy. We prepare them with MS Forms that have a feature of simultaneous testing.

The staff of the Department of Physical Colloid Chemistry is very grateful to The Rector of ZSMU Yuriy Kolesnyk for creating the best conditions for e-teaching and professional development in the University. The also very grateful to the workers of the Department of Medical and Pharmaceutical Information Science and Modern Technologies and especially to Oleksiy Ryzhov who is the Head of the Department.

07 May 2020

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