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Education and professional development

Education and professional development

Quarantine is not a reason to relax, on the contrary, this time can be used for professional development. With such mood the Department of hospital pediatrics of ZSMU works now. An example is given by the Head, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Gennady Lezhenko. Gennady Alexandrovich participated online in three biggest scientific and practical conferences, where he gave lectures. Other members of the department of hospital pediatrics actively participate in online seminars and trainings on modern issues of pediatrics. During the quarantine of the department prepared and submitted to the editors of three scientific articles.

Such creativity of mentors is a good example for university students. Teachers make a lot of efforts to ensure that students thoroughly assimilate the educational material in the distance format, and the attitude towards them is demanding. In addition to online survey in real time, students solve test assignments and situational problems with the help of Forms y MS Teams application. The learning process also involves students preparing reports on topics for self-study. They present reports online, demonstrating their knowledge in pediatrics.

Separately, it is necessary to emphasize the active work of the faculty of the department with the students of the 6th year to prepare for the license exam KROK - 2 and state exams. An online database of about one thousand tests was compiled in the application Forms for the preparations of local as well as foreign students.

The methodological work of the department continues in remote mode, in particular, participation in online meetings of ZSMU.



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