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The pandemic motivates students to study better

The pandemic motivates students to study better

The COVID-19 motivates our population to care more about their health condition. Professor Olena Usachova, who is the head of the Department of Children Infectious Diseases of ZSMU, has been asked a lot about how to protect children of COVID-19. She answers many questions as: can children catch coronavirus or not, for what age group of children coronavirus is the most dangerous, what kind of prophylactics can help to protect children of it, what are symptoms of COVID-19 children have and many others. Olena Usachova answers on these and many other questions in local TVshows,online-lectures, advisory meetings and etc. The Professor also pay big attention to the students’ teaching.

Olena Usachova said,” This pandemic increased students’ demand in new knowledge. Now we have to share even more than before all our knowledge with people as much as we can to help them to pass this time without any harm to their health. Every time I speak with students I emphasize that know they have to study much harder than before. The Administration and Teaching staff of ZSMU created for it the best conditions.

The Teaching staff of the Department of Children Infectious Diseases posted all necessary information for students as: instructions on the e-learning work organization in the Department, thematic plans of practical classes and self-work at home, methodical materials for each lesson, list of reports’ topics for students, a list of clinic cases and differential tables for 6th-year students in the very first day of quarantine beginning

Teachers give lectures with Teams application. To asses the students’ awareness during classes and to see how well they understand new material teachers use GoogleForms.S students need to pass a special survey thereafter every class. All student groups have classes according to the schedule. Students got materials for every class beforehand and can prepare questions on difficult for them issues as they need to understand every detail properly not only for future job or examination but even for the online- testing on the last class topic.

Olena Usachova stated “Our Department is a clinical one, that is why practical skills mastering in an examination, treatment, and prophylaxis is highly important. Nowdays, 5 year-students cannot improve their practical skills. We posted such materials as a history of present illness, main clinical signs, results of extra examinations, laboratory results, photo materials of clinical signs that students need to work on to re-create practice conditions at real hospitals as much as possible. This part is important for the students’ assessment.


The quarantine conditions were a challenge for all teaching staff of the department. We had to re-organize studying for students, interns, and doctors- practitioners. We created a range of video-lectures about COVID-19 together with the department of infectious diseases, children's infectious diseases, family medicine of The Faculty Post-Graduate Education and therapeutic departments. All lectures are publicly available. We have already received many positive reviews about this project. I think this is a good material for the self-education of our students as well. "

04 May 2020


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