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Educational and therapeutic work - in full scale

Educational and therapeutic work - in full scale

More than forty surgical interventions and more than 80 consultations for patients who are unable to postpone their treatment and require urgently qualified and effective care. All employees of the department at all the bases are also working hard, staying in position, actively engaged in the treatment of injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. At the same time, most of the attention of the faculty of the department belongs to the students, their teaching, preparation for exams.

"For a long time our Traumatology and Orthopedics Department has been working under quarantine conditions, - says Maxim Leonidovich. - In this process, we have gained experience, found many new opportunities for the intensification of the educational process, which in future work will contribute to the diversity of educational forms. In general, the use of elements of distance education will be useful for learning the material in the traditional format of the educational process. T

he remote lectures stimulated the mobilisation of staff, to urgently improve technical skills in the remote mode. Thanks to the university's ability to use modern software products to organize online lectures, such as MS Teams and Skype for Business, as well as the extensive use of online courses prepared in advance by the department on the eDx platform and the basic knowledge test control based on Google Forms, from the first days of quarantine, the department's learning process was debugged without passes or delays. We managed to convince students that the thoroughness of their individual work will have a proportional impact on the final tests, so we were listened to - remotely successfully passed the cycles of 13 groups of students in the 5th year, teachers have read ten online lectures.

In addition to working with students, during the quarantine the department staff organized a two-week distance course "Intramedullary osteosynthesis of long tubular bones" for orthopedic traumatologists.

Given the nature of the distance learning course, the main challenge has been the delivery of practical skills. However, work with specialized applications, such as Touch Surgery and Surgery Reference S.A., which allowed not only to get acquainted with the individual stages of operative interventions, but also to "virtually" practice them, helped partially to correct the situation.

"The effectiveness of the course in the proposed format can be evidenced by the feedback of our students, - said Professor Maxim Golovakha. - Yes, in the conducted survey, the vast majority of trainees rated the quality of the course as "very good", 100% of respondents plan to use the acquired skills in their practice and will recommend taking such a course to their colleagues. So, despite the difficult situation and certain limitations caused by quarantine activities, the staff of the Department of Traumatology and Orthopedics of ZSMU harmoniously and effectively continue to perform their duties, adapting their performance to the urgent requirements.



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