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We overcome nowadays challenges with study and work

We overcome nowadays challenges with study and work

Coronavirus pandemic changes our everyday life and studying conditions. This event could negatively impact the studying process but it didn’t thank the implementation of e-learning technologies into the teachers’ work, the educational process, and individual tasks for students.

Today our life changes fast and tremendously. We have been prepared a report about the optimization of the individual work for students of The Department of Internal Diseases No. 2 with MS Teams. We also have been planned to organize e-learning courses with MS Teams in the future. However quarantine made us implement e-learning much earlier.

MS Teams has many useful features as chatting, organize online practical classes with students, show them numerous study materials, give individual and group tasks, put deadlines. The members of the Teaching staff created thematic channels where they work together on the improvement of learning materials. Teachers prepare curriculum, send necessary materials, and prepare extra materials before the classes. They speak with students and discuss all difficult issues in MS Teams thanks to the “meeting mode”. Teachers could comment and give remarks to the students’ works.

E-learning hasn’t influenced negatively on studying quality. Students adopt a very serious and responsible attitude to the e-learning. The Head of the Department participated in chats of all groups. He can control work in classes and see the results of students’ homework and individual tasks. Teachers need even more time for preparing online-classes that they need for offline-classes but they all do their best to teach students properly. Oleksander Demidenko who is The Head of The Department of Internal Diseases No. 2 is very grateful to each of them for hard work. He wishes everybody productive work at the end of the academic year.

30 April 2020

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