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Prepare students to the state examination with the Body Interact

Prepare students to the state examination with the Body Interact

Our students and teachers can be proud of ZSMU because our university has taken the leading place in comparison with other universities in distance studying. We switched a big part of studying material into e-format by creating numerous online-courses back last academic year. We had also launched optional online-courses but before that time. The number of high-quality online courses created by ZSMU teachers had exceeded half a thousand by the beginning of 2020. That is why we easily switched into e- studying process. We successfully organize a high-quality e-studying process thanks to the strong support of The Department of Medical and Pharmaceutical Information Science and Modern Technologies headed by Professor Oleksiy Ryzhow.

Today we organize practical classes on the Department of Internal Diseases No. 1 according to all requirements of pedagogy.

The only thing that's missing is students’ bedside training under the teacher’s guidance. We have found out of the problem thanks to The Rectorate of ZSMU and especially to The Rector Yuriy Kolesnyk. We use virtual patient simulator Body Interact with numerous cases in a medical emergency and Internal Diseases.

We could speak with the virtual patient, conduct a physical examination, conduct laboratory and instrumental tests, make a diagnosis, assign а treatment, chose a dosage of medicine based on the height and weight of the patient. The clinical condition of the virtual patient is changing with students’ actions. That is why Body Interact is an amazing opportunity for students to understand the correctness of their actions, to analyze mistakes and draw conclusions for the future. The most valuable feature of a virtual patient system is the 50 remote access points connected with the Body Interact server, thanks to that we can organize online training as a part of e-studying. This way we could prepare students for the state examination that they will need to pass after the quarantine will over. The treatment of the virtual patient will be a part of the state examination in the 2019-2020 academic year.

I want also to say thank you to the teaching staff of the Department of Internal Diseases No. 1. I am very proud that I have the honor to work with recognized professionals, highly qualified doctors, scientists, and also specialists who are ready to master new skills for more productive work.

21 April 2020


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