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Urgent address of the Minister of Health of Ukraine

Illia Yemets, who is the Minister of Health of Ukraine address citizens with an urgent announcement.

“Dear Ukrainians!

My calling as a surgeon is to save people’s lives, as a manager is to successfully manage a medical institution and as a government official is to be in charge of the healthcare of our big country.

Now I’m speaking as a doctor, a manager and the Minister of Health of Ukraine.

Today coronavirus is a big and worldwide problem. Everybody can catch the disease both rich and poor. Everybody fights with these diseases: famous politics, actors, and common people.

The worldwide society did not immediately recognize the scope of the threat. We could see the awful consequences of procrastination through the example of other countries.

We shouldn’t wait till mass infection of Ukrainians. We should lose no time in protecting people. Every hour could save the lives of a thousand people.

We should close eating places, shopping and leisure centers.Only pharmacies and grocery stores. We should limit traveling at the domestic level, introduce remove format of work, change the working time of public transport, people could be gathered in groups no more than 10 persons. Hospitals should be immediately repurposed into infectious ones, taking into account the situation. All planned activities should be canceled all energy should be directly into a fight with the diseases. Moreover, the Ministry of Health is actively gathering together the best epidemiologists of Ukraine and joint them to the emergency response team so that we could be able to fight effectively with the epidemic.

I urge everybody not to be thoughtless. Today we should not be stricken with panic, but to mobilize, to called up all our strength to help yourself, your close people and your citizens. "

16 March 2020

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