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We are ready for e-teaching

Extended Rectorate Meeting was held under the chairship of the Rector, professor Yuriy Kolesnik. Representatives of the departments participated at the meeting. They discussed all aspects of the organization of e-education during the quarantine period.

Professor Kolesnyk informed that for controlling the level of infections disease morbidity among workers and students of ZSMU.

The Administration of ZSMU organized emergency response team headed by The Pro-rector for scientific-pedagogical work, Vadym Vizir. The Administration of ZSMU reinforced the sanitary-epidemiological regime. Interns watch on at dormitories, in case they reveal ill person, he or she will be referred to medical rehabilitation and prevention center for medical examination.There general physician and workers of the department of communicable diseases are watching on together. There are also workgroups.They take a temperature all workers and students are staying at the territory of the university with Touch Free Thermometers. We also bought extra sanitizers.

The Rector of ZSMU Yuriy Kolesnyk stressed that big attention should also be paid to the process of distance education organization for students.

Associate Professor Svitlana Morguntsova, who is Pro-rector for scientific-pedagogical and academic work told about the organization of educational process based on e-educational technologies with the usage of all available e-resource at the university as online-courses, video lectures, individual consultations, webinars and other at the period of quarantine.

She also told me about working on changes in the academic calendar and schedule for making up for all lost class time.

Professor Oleksiy Ryzhov, who is the Head of The Department of Medical and Pharmaceutical Information Science and Modern Technologies told me about e-learning conception at the quarantine department. Theoretical lectures will behold at the video format with real-time services usage as MS Teams, Skype for Business, and MS Stream that is off-time service. Practical classes will be holding in online-format via online-courses at edX, MS Teams.

Individual and group consultations will be organized with the usage of Skype for Business, MS Teams. Professors will use online-courses of edX, RATOS and MS Forms systems for academic performance assessment.

Zaporizhzhia State Medical University is ready for distance education thanks to a big amount of educational material in e-format.

13 March 2020

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