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Future doctors are passing an objective structured clinical exam

Future doctors are passing an objective structured clinical exam

Nineteen magisters of specialization "Technologies of medical diagnostics and treatment" have made one step to completion of studying in ZSMU - have made one of components of the state examination - objective structured clinical examination (OSCE). After 4 years of bachelor's degree and one and a half master's degree. Tests are held in the laboratories of the University Clinic under the guidance of two departments of ZSMU - Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics and Department of Pathological Anatomy.

Head of the Department of Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor Sergei Pavlov said that the exam was preceded by a short briefing, where students were given a route lists, explained that each of them must pass six stations, each should perform a number of tasks from all sections of clinical laboratory diagnosis and pathological anatomy in seven minutes. As a result, at each stage, their work would be assessed with an appropriate number of points.

Each of the six stations required excellent training. For example, station 1 should have demonstrated the ability to work with a coagulometer, which determines the blood clotting rate. The student, having received the result, should interpret it, explain his actions. This, by the way, concerns the examination conditions at all stations.

It was interesting to work at the next station - to introduce the list of tests into the program of the biochemical analyzer. The laboratory has a predecessor of the automatic biochemical analyzer - an electrocalorimeter, which was used by laboratory assistants in the distant past, where each component of the roskapuvalom tubes, adding reagents, and it took a lot of time. Now the latest generation analyzer does it in minutes. But to turn it on, to calibrate, to choose indicators, working with the corresponding computer program, and "to read" the received result has the ability of the doctor - the technician of new, modern generation also. This was demonstrated by young men and girls at the exam.

As skillfully, under the control of the assistant of department of clinical laboratory diagnostics Julia Nikitchenko, masters confirmed the knowledge at the third station where parameters of the general blood analysis on the automatic hematological analyzer were defined.

But at station 4, where the microscopic examination of urine should have been carried out, the exam was passed manually, with a microscope, although in the university laboratory this examination is also carried out by a modern automatic method. Department Assistant Dmytro Rabota, who evaluated the knowledge, explained that this is the way to use the practical health care, and it should also be able to.

The professor noted quite good preparation of masters and how they coped with the testing tasks - described the drugs, named diagnostic morphological criteria by which the diagnosis is made, indicated by which pathological processes should differentiate the pathology and the like.

The student of the 6th course Evgenia Bolzhevarska, who is determined to become a doctor - geneticist, after the tests noted that the confidence was given by the fact that they studied in the laboratories, practiced on these analyzers. And the exam is easier for her personally from CROC.

And her classmate Mykola Korman noted that they were ready for the exam, there were no surprises, teachers during their studies at the university gave them, the current graduates, solid knowledge. This helped to feel at ease, all theoretical and practical knowledge will definitely be useful in further practical work.

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