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World-class medicine in Zaporizhzhia

World-class medicine in Zaporizhzhia

Administration of ZSMU together with Administration and personnel of ZSMU Clinic organized a specialized meeting. They summarized the work of the clinic in 2019.

The Head of clinic Elina Kotlarevskaya analyzed the main achievements of the clinic in 2019. For example, the introduction of commercial services for the population helps us to increase income by almost 90 percent. Thanks to that, we significantly improved the material affluence of the clinic. We bough modern equipment for conducting the surgical minimally invasive intervention and introduction of new medical technologies into medical practice. With new technologies, we also significantly improve the effectiveness of advice and treatment services.

The administration of the clinic also paid big attention to the educational and training work, such as classes for physician professional improvement and webinars, online conferences for practicing physicians from Zaporizhzhia and other regions of Ukraine. So we can say without any exaggeration that medicine of world-class is already available in Zaporizhzhia.

Deputy of the Head for medical work, Narine Horbatkova presented results of an inspection of the Department of State Consumer Services and State Services in the Zaporizhzhya region to participants of the meeting.Ms.Narine Horbatkova also told participants of the meeting about the introduction of the management system for food products safety HACCP (Hazard analysis and critical control points) based on the requirements of the Ukrainian Law system.

The curator of the Department of minimally invasive surgical and endoscopic interventions Olexandr Kiosov reported about the successful introduction of endoscopic technologies (ESD, STER, POEM) into medical practice. Olexandr Kiosov also shared with an activity plan for this area development.

The Rector of ZSMU, Professor Yuriy Kolesnyk positively evaluated this work and praised administration and personnel of The University clinic for constant scientific searching and pursuit of professional development.

12 February 2020


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