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On a way to SMART-education

On a way to SMART-education

Professor Oleksiy Ryzhov started a series of lectures on actual issues. At these lectures leading scientists and professors of our university will present materials on issues for the big society of our university. The topic of this lecture was “ On a way to smart-education: introduction of new learning e-technologies in the educational process of ZSMU ”.

Lecture of Oleksiy Anatoliyovych reaches the audience's scientific and pedagogical workers. Members of the Rectorate headed by The Rector, Yuriy Kolesnik, Heads of Educational Department, other representatives of educational departments and other departments attended the lecture. As almost all staff members of the university meet with the introduction of new technologies into the educational process at the workplace.

Professor Oleksiy Ryzhov listed in the speech the main components of the informatization process, that is progressing at our university nowadays.At the beginning of the lecture marked that the opportunity of the introduction of new informative and communicative technologies at such a high level is possible thanks to strong material and technical base,.This base is upgrading every year and thanks to hard efforts of the Rectorate.

ZSMU has no equal in technical equipment among high education institutions in our region and the biggest part of medical higher educational institutions.

That is why after reaching some priorities we surely work on a perspective As e-education is the first step in a “smart-education”.It is a new philosophy of studying that is called smart education. Professor turned attention to the formart, nature of SMART-education. As nowadays it is a world trend in an organization of educational process, marked that adjustable learning in an interactive educational environment thanks to the content from all over the world allows students to gain knowledge of the higher level. That is base on successful professional activity and career.

The speaker also paid attention to the structural organization of the informational and educational complex of ZSMU. He told me about the achievements that the departments of our universities have reached for the last several years. They already cannot imagine their work activity without innovations. ZSMU is the first medical university where such technologies started to use. The usage of such technologies helps the university gained renewed momentum for our university, improve its image in the educational market. A breakthrough at an educational process for ZSMU was the introduction of online courses, which is now number more than 580.

The audience listened to the speaker's information with a big interest. As before it they know more about usage of new technologies at their department and know very little about how it works at other departments Now they know the general picture of new technologies used all over the university, about the introduction of such innovations at undergraduate and graduate stage for lessons organization, academic performance checking, etc.

The aim of the lecture organization was not only to give the audience new information bu also give it knowledge and skills that can improve staff members' work. For example, Prof.Oleksiy Ryzhov told the audience about services that they can use for creating educational videos, lectures’ recording, video conferences, Q&A activities, etc. He told in detail about the usage of cloud technologies. This one and some other technologies will allow us to stop paper materials usage.

The part of a lecture about absorbing the material by students and academic performance control was the most interesting one. Some e-educational development as distance communication with students is already used at our university. But we are eager to become better and better every day. That is why at the lecture was presented a promo video of new software made by Microsoft. This service could control and analyze every single movement of a student when he or she passes exams in a distance format. This technology does not give a student any chance to cheat. This program caused a heated discussion.

Svetlana Morguntsova, who is Associate Professor and Pro-rector for scientific-pedagogical and academic work think that the lecture of Oleksiya Ryzhkova scored a big success. First of all, because he told in detail about a range of innovations that are introducing at ZSMU step by step. Also, because heads and representatives of departments could see results of joint work, understand how their efforts helped the common goal and its perspectives for development.We set big objectives for ZSMU development as we want to give our students the education of a world-class and help academic teaching staff successfully motivate students for better study. Svitlana Andriivna is sure that this lecture motivates everybody and makes them proud of their university. The next lectures of this series will be made in the same style.

30 January 2019


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