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Foreign students are passing  the Ukrainian language exam

Foreign students are passing the Ukrainian language exam

For several days students are passing the Ukrainian language exam At the Center for Foreign Citizens' Training of the First International Faculty. This test is the first one for them at the ZSMU. At a class sit 36 boys and girls from 8,9,11 groups wearing neat white coats. Each of them got examination tasks that they must accomplish for 3 hours.15 groups of students out of 18 groups have examination sessions and need to demonstrate got knowledge.

The exam tasks are not just tests we are used to, it demands a deep understanding of Ukrainian that is the most important subject for new students for now. As the Ukrainian language will be for all of them is a magic key that will open the door to the mastery field of medicine.

“The complex examination is a systematic format of knowledge testing of Ukrainian literary language,” commented the Head of the Center, associate professor, Larisa Vasetska. " We created tests for objective evaluation of students' knowledge that is why the test also includes some elements of randomness. For example, students have to demonstrate how they can cope with the cases if they can on their own create small sentences, compose small text. They also have to answer all the questions correctly and so on. They have three hours to accomplish this exam. Tomorrow they will have an oral part of the exam, where they need to demonstrate their ability for audio perception, describe showed the image, read and translate a text, and then, answers some questions to this text. It is also very important for them to be able to communicate with the profesors and logically express their ideas and thoughts in Ukranian as well as give arguments for some of them.

Future students can cope with such tasks. Although they have been studied at the university for a very small amount of time, since November. The study course is very intense, for example at the next semester they will start to study scientific vocabulary This way they will prepare to the studying of professionally oriented disciplines as chemistry, maths, biology, etc. Students will work together with professors upon texts and constructions of such fields. For this year Ukrainian has to become their mainstay for further study and life in Ukraine."

Larisa Ivanivna recollected that it was difficult to switch into Ukrainian and started to use only this language. But staff members of the center successfully coped with this task. Because they all are creative and purposeful and use at work both time-tested methods of language learning and their innovations. They paid attention to the most used language models. Professors for every lesson prepare individual tasks for every group. Both students and professors like so-called ” live wall “ where is putting wall newspaper with language constructions that students have to learn for this semester. Such a way students improve and systemize knowledge.

As we all know is easier to learn a language in a friendly oriented and motivate environment. Professors try to create such an atmosphere for students at the center for the very first moment they meet them. When students come here from different countries and continents as India, Mauritania, Ghana, Morocco, Ecuador, Nigeria, Tunisia, Lebanon, Tanzania, the United States, and many others, they are just children. So professors become for them not only mentors but also “another parent”. Except for study they also help students with accommodation, and other everyday issues. They organize for new students different events, excursions, competitions. So the staff members make many efforts for helping students to adjust to new life and study conditions.

Professors have a very important mission. For example, associate professor Larisa Vasetska, deputy principal Yulia Grin, senior teacher Galina Manaeva supervise methodical work, associate professor Olga Solovyova works with students at interactive classes, professors Ksenia Chernova and Natalya Grossu introduce new technologies in computer class. A lot of interesting material, presentations in the science field is made for the students by a professor, Irina Davidova, She introduces students to the world of new technologies together with professor Anna Marynich. Senior teacher Lydia Haiduk works with students in the field of language science. Professors Lydia Boyko, Irina Yanushevskaya, Daria Zavgorodnya and senior teacher Sergei Turkovsky have very interesting work, they work upon preparation of dictionaries. The results of hard professors’ work can be since at the very beginning. Students start to use first Ukrainian words already in the first weeks of their study.

As a result, students are well prepared for their first exam of the national language of Ukraine where they will spend their student years. We wish this exam will become the first step to their success in ZSMU.

23 January 2019


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