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About humanitarian fundamentals in the context of the educational environment

About humanitarian fundamentals in the context of the educational environment

ZSMU and Bogomolets NMU organized a workshop on improving improving undergraduate medical students’ and Ph.D. training within the context of the teaching of social and humanitarian subjects at medical and pharmacy faculties of higher educational institutions of Ukraine. This event was organized by Zaporizhzhia State Medical University and Bogomolets National Medical University.

For discussion issues concerning the formation of national strategies of European environment of higher education, new ideologies and new values required by Law about “Higher education”.At this event gathered heads and professors of departments of social sciences, philosophy, bioethics, and history of medicine, language and humanities, pedagogy, philosophy, and language training from medical higher educational institutions of Kyiv, Kharkiv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Poltava, Kramatorsk, Odesa and other regions of Ukraine.

The Rector of ZSMU, Yuriy Kolesnik greeted everyone told about the history and achievements of staff members, modern conditions of our university that nowadays is recognized as one of the best higher educational medical institutions of Ukraine. The Rector paid attention to the priorities in training and education of a new generation of doctors and pharmacists.We also showed our guest a movie about the educational base, training of foreign students and modern technologies that were already equipded at ZSMU.

Yuriy Mikhailovich highly appreciated the contribution of the departments, who teach students humanitarian subjects, into the process of training and education. He stressed that these departments are headed by highly professional specialists, who are well-known among colleagues of their professional fields. Particularly,professors Olha Turgan and Iryna Utyuzh. Even the fact that Zaporizhzhia State Medical University was chosen for the organization of such an actual workshop approved their authority colleagues from other regions.

Pro-rector for scientific-pedagogical and academic work, Associate professor Svitlana Morguntsova focused on the fact that the Department of Social Studies is fully integrated into the educational process. This department is notable for the active introduction of new technologies , particularly such advanced forms of training as online courses. Our university is the first one who started to introduce such technologies among higher educational medical institutions. The Department is a functional one always on the front lines. They successfully combinate humanitarian and clinical aspects of training, that allows us to talk about the high educational level for students.

The dynamic tone of the discussion was set by the Head of the Department of Social Studies of ZSMU, Professor Irina Utyuzh, with a presentation on the topic "Realization of the standards of the European Environment of Higher Education at Zaporizhzhya State Medical University". Within the framework of the workshop where were discussed issues about the communicative aspect in the training of doctors of philosophy, about the philosophy of health as a field of the philosophy of medicine, the role of social and humanitarian education in human education, peculiarities of teaching history of Ukraine to foreign students, and some others.

Scientists of other departments, for example, clinical and theoretical ones also took an active part in the workshop. For example, Professors Olga Turgan, Igor Belenichev, Lyudmila Boyarskaya, Vitaliy Zhadko, Associate Professors Petro Bidzil, Anna Zvyagina, Maria Megrilishvili, Maria Megrelishvili are one of the staff members, who actively participated in the meeting. Particularly, Kateryna Kasatkina, Olga Fedko shared their experience of intersubjective links in teaching History of Ukrainian Culture and combining it with humanitarian and clinical aspects of teaching, interesting within national and patriotic education at university. Also, participants discussed the system of Ukrainian Language Teaching to foreign students.

16 January 2019


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