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Interns are passing the practically oriented exam

Interns are passing the practically oriented exam

Within two days, 48 interns who will finish a year and a half studying term of eight medical specialties in ZSMU are passing a practically oriented exam. Exams are conducted at the inter-departmental training center of ZSMU. Heads and professors of the departments that are responsible for teaching these students are also taking part in conducting the exam. The atmosphere there is very business-like and very close to real conditions in that interns will have to work in future professional life.

“Among interns that are passing the exam are further oncologists, dermatovenerologists, psychiatrists, medicolegists, otolaryngologists for work with children, neurologists, infectiologists, radiologists, said Yurii Riabokon’, who is the Dean of Faculty Post-graduate Education. “For a year and a half, they trained for the further profession and now for two days they have to show are they prepared for examination or not. This exam is very important even. We conduct such kind of exam for the second time but this one is special because for it we bought a big number of dummies, modern educational technologies for helping students. It’s a big pleasure to see how much they enjoy working with it.

On the first day, interns showed practical skills with a standardized patient by a licensed computer program bought by the university. I think it is a big achievement for our university. As every student could work on the individual scenario, working on an individual computer for 15 minutes. For that time intern should examine the patient, make a diagnosis, prescribe treatment, etc.In such a way the professor could fast and accurately evaluate knowledge of young specialists, his/her clinical experience and other qualities.

Also, interns demonstrate other practical skills, as the administration of lumbar puncture, nasogastric tube, insertion of bladder catheter, palpation of the mammary gland, examination of respiration and cardiovascular organs for pathology. Interns also demonstrate skills of cardiopneumatic reanimation and demonstrate knowledge from intensive therapy course.”

Interns who specialized in communicable diseases passed the exam in the training center for the first time. Olena Riabokon’ said about it, ” It’s amazing that further doctors that will work in such difficult fields have the opportunity to use such technologies that are so popular around the globe. Our students were here already and saw the conditions of the exam. By the way, professors also explore new technologies.

Usually, we evaluate student’s knowledge by the results of Krok-3, tests, practical skills, etc. Nowadays they demonstrate how to do a lumbar puncture on the dummy, catheterize the bladder, put a nasogastric tube. In the standardized patient format, we chose the emergency care scenario for patients with herpetic meningoencephalitis. Also, we show students photos with exanthematous disease and photos with different results of clinical and laboratory researches. It will help interns to make the right diagnosis. This year we have two alumnus interns and we so glad to see, how well they’re prepared and how productive they are.”

Associate professor of diseases of the nervous system, Alla Revenko came to the exam with 5 interns, who was taught by her department. Alla Vasylivna is very proud of them. She admitted that they are goal-oriented, hardworking, motivate young doctors who wish to study neuroscience deeper and deeper. Almost all of them are honors students, who have high rating points, work hard and already know where to apply their skills and knowledge. Three of them will work in district centers of our region, two will work in other regions. “I don’t worry about them. I sure that these students live up to my promise and show deep knowledge, said Alla Vasylivna. They worked in this center, prepared for exams, they could pass exams without any problems, they mastered all the material well. One of the tasks was to control a condition of a patient with cerebral ischemic stroke, make thrombolysis therapy, as well as reading the tomography and resonance imaging results, reading of immunological images for determination of the pathology. They are one of the best in it.

I was pleased to see how much the interdepartmental training center changed for a while.I was surprised to the upside. This is a really big achievement for the university, it is a big effort of the Rectorate. I remember, that I also studied modeling, but it doesn't beat this! Amazingly, such technologies are now available to students of our university. "

Today the second stage of exams for interns is continuing. Today attention was paid to electrocardiography and auscultation of the heart and lungs. Interns were examined by workers of the departments of the Department of Family Medicine and Therapy of FPE of Faculty of Post-graduate Education of ZSMU. ”At this stage every intern should record an electrocardiogram and read it, they also have to tell the main emergencies as rhythm disturbance, myocardial heart attack, and other ones, said Olga Borodavko, the assistant of the department. ”They also should suggest necessary recommendations, what doctors should do in this or that case. It is also very important to know how to do auscultation of the heart and lungs. We will evaluate students' skills of finding necessary points on a dummy with a “smart” shirt that is called “Cardionics” auscultate a pathology as cardiac failure, lung obstructive syndrome.”

Today interns also studied materials of previous researches that were made on computed tomography scanner, analyze X-ray photographs, photos of laboratory interesting clinical cases and based on these materials they diagnosed pathology of different diseases.

Such way alumni interns of ZSMU approved their knowledge on the exam of a new format. Then they will have to pass computerized testing in the Elex program, demonstrate their practical skills near patients’ beds and pass a theoretic interview at the departments. The whole complex of exams will last till January 30, then graduation party and dream work, for that they prepare step by step together with their alma mater.

15 January 2020

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