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The faculty of postgraduate education offers the latest educational projects

The faculty of postgraduate education offers the latest educational projects

Professional development training, pre-certification cycles for pharmacists and courses of thematic improvement for specialists offered to physicians and pharmacists by the faculty of postgraduate education of Zaporizhzhya State Medical University, covers more and more students not only our, but also many other regions of Ukraine. Doctors and pharmacists even in those regions, where there are medical universities, want to get new knowledge at ZSMU.

It is explained by the continuous dynamic development of the faculty, its creativity and search for new directions of the educational process organization in accordance with the modern requirements of medical and pharmaceutical industries. Choosing ZSMU, listeners are sure that in a short period of time they will receive a powerful volume of the concentrated diversified scientific information, and also access to sources where to draw it further.

"The main tasks of our faculty we see in improving the quality of education of students in the plane of improving their skills, - says the dean of the ZSMU FPE, Professor Yuri Ryabokon, - this goal is subordinated to the systematic work of teams of departments, teachers and scientists. At the present stage it is possible only due to introduction of the newest technologies and forms of education. We use them, widely practicing online and off-site courses, webinars, video lectures, distance learning on EdX and Moodle platforms, providing the opportunity to independently obtain information in accordance with modern requirements for continuous professional development. Such forms include training at a convenient time, minimum time off from work, no mandatory activities and the like. Training on the platform of field courses is very popular. During the year, the specialists of the faculty conducted 12 field courses, visiting Nikolaev, Kherson, Dnipro, Kropivnitsky, Cherkassy, Odessa.

Practice shows that colleagues like the proposed methods: last year in the direction of "Pharmacy" training courses were attended by 2538 students, which is 4.7 percent more than a year earlier. They highly appreciate the professional quality of teaching and modern methods of presentation. Chemists and pharmacists have an updated bank of video lectures on all professional development cycles. The process continues to be active and the desire of specialists to learn from us is pleasing.

Last year new specialization courses were introduced into the educational process: "Children's anaesthesiology", "Children's surgery", "Neonatology", "Orthopedic dentistry", "Therapeutic dentistry", "Children's ophthalmology", "Ultrasound". The courses of specialization and thematic improvement on ultrasonic diagnostics at the department of multimodal diagnostics and propaedeutics are open and conducted. New refresher courses have been introduced on the following topics: "Children's dermatovenerology", "Ultrasound diagnostics of the abdominal cavity" and "Fundamentals of ultrasound in cardiology".

Many interested persons express their desire to replenish their knowledge at the courses conducted on medical direction by the teachers of 15 departments in Zaporizhzhya on the basis of ZSMU. Actively used remote forms of training in the form of video lectures, webinars of professors of department of children's diseases FPE Lyudmila Boyarskaya, Mikhail Kurochkin, associate professor Julia Kotlova, professors of department of obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive medicine FPO Natalia Avramenko, Dmytro Barkovsky, professors of department of psychiatry Vadim Chugunov, Vitalii Kurilo, other scientists.

Time relentlessly forces us to develop actively. This year a number of other departments will participate in the organization of training and introduce new courses of thematic improvement "Modern automated methods of research in clinical laboratory diagnostics", "Topical issues of magnetic resonance imaging in neuroradiology, "Ultrasound of the cardiovascular system", "Diagnosis and treatment of benign and malignant diseases of the thyroid gland", "Assistance in emergency conditions in obstetric practice", "Topical issues of magnetic resonance imaging in neuroradiology" and others.

Already working on new courses of thematic improvement with elements of practical simulation training, it became possible thanks to the improvement of the educational process, powerful modern logistics ZSMU, in particular, inter-departmental training center ".

It should be noted that all the successful developments of the faculty are the result of well-coordinated teamwork. Enthusiasts of the organization of training at home and on trips are deputy deans of FPO associate professors Alexey Bigdan, Marina Dolinnaya. University professors Yuriy Ryabokon, Aleksandr Mazulin, Ivan Bilay, Inna Bushuyeva, associate professor Oleksandr Aleksiev, senior lecturers Eugenii Mikhaylyuk, Yurii Kucheryavyi, Taya Khortytska, assistant Elena Malyugina actively travel to the regions of Ukraine.

This year the ZSMU FPE is putting into practice many interesting new projects, so professional education is a continuous process, the university creates better conditions for this and meets all comers.


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