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Successful examination session

Successful examination session

The examination session is continuing at our university. For several days have been last examinations at departments that pass to a traditional system of knowledge evaluation for students of the first, second and third year.

"It means that the first stage of such exams tests, after passing test part students show their knowledge at oral part of the exam’’, said Assistant Professor Svetlana Morguntsova, Vice-Rector for Scientific, Pedagogical and Educational Work about the current stage of the examination session. ’’Exams started at the departments of Cultural Studies and Ukrainian Studies, Human Anatomy, Operative Surgery, and Topographic Anatomy, Microbiology, Virology and Immunology, Histology, Cytology and Embryology, Pathologic Anatomy and Forensic Medicine with Bases of Law, Department of Pharmacology and Medical Formulation and Department of Medical Physics, Biophysics and Higher Mathematics. Before it at department meetings than at periodical sessions were confirmed all methodic materials. Special attention paid to the admission of students that have academic arrear to the exams. Unfortunately, some students have such problems, but they are not so numerous. It supposed that after eliminating academic arrear they will start to pass exams. But such students couldn’t be enrolled in the rating list”, said Svetlana Morguntsova.

For first-year students of the medical faculty exam of Ukrainian language(professionally-oriented) is the first exam in their student life. At the auditorium 1-a, more than 130 girls and boys sat at the student table. .Everybody is one on one with test consisted of 80 tasks. They worried. But Oksana Sidorenko, Associate Professor of the Department of Cultural Studies and Ukrainian Studies greeted and cheered up students. She told them the rules of filling the examination paper. At the neighboring auditorium students of Medical Faculty No. 1 already concentrated on their papers.

“Papers with 6 variants of tasks that we prepared doesn’t include any unexpected tasks for first-year students. Professors of our department composed tasks based on the material that first-year students have learned for the whole semester.While composing these tasks professors also oriented on the textbook of Ukrainian language(professionally-oriented) that was used for teaching students. By the way, some professors in our department take part in writing the textbook. Every lesson was preparation for this exam.The first part of the test exam consists of practical tasks where students should show their grammatical skills, stylistic skills, orthography skills and level of the acquaintance of medical terminology.

The second part is a theoretic one that includes tasks about document science. First-year students learned rules of drafting necessary documents such as autobiography, personal review, etc.We want to emphasize that all this knowledge will come in useful for them when they learn rules of drafting medical documents at the department of Health Protection, Social Medicine and Medical Labour Examination. So in the test, they will have tasks where they will need to mark the right heading and essential element of one or other documents.

After it will be conducted an oral part of the exam. We offered them 70 topics on a medical field such as "What do you think about euthanasia", "Role of stem cells", "Abortion: pros and cons" and others. Students should tell their opinion, fully explore the topic, demonstrate their skills of logical thinking, skills of correct sentence construction and choosing properly vocabulary means, skills of usage of professional terminology. We also evaluate their arguing skills and the ability to express thoughts clearly. These topics don’t require deep knowledge of the medical field. Nevertheless, it is already a partial exposure into the field of their further profession, that will help them to develop medical thinking".

In such way students at different departments passing exams on different subjects. For professors, it is an amazing opportunity to see the results of their work and see what kind of tasks they need to prepare for further lessons. May all of you have a good examination session.

11 January 2020


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