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Why some people don’t hear an alarm clock

Why some people don’t hear an alarm clock

Some lucky people woke up even before the alarm and some delay it countless times. What is the difference between the first and the second groups of people? If you have such a problem you should work on it hard.

What to do if you have too deep sleep?

It’s amazing when you sleep tightly at night concerning how much people today have insomnia disorders. But if waking up became a real challenge for you, it means that you have to pay more attention to your health. Frequent fatigue and stress, physical and psychological exhaustion pretty often cause the problem.

What else reasons can lie behind difficult morning awakening?

There are plenty of things that can lead to difficult awakening outside noises, pets, insects, light and or even some night/evening problems that made you went to sleep late are one of them. However, usually constant awakening problems cause such reasons as:

- Unhealthy Diet

- Drinking alcohol or consuming fatty/heavy food before bedtime

- Physical overworking

- Sleeping through music or TV

Sometimes difficult awaking can signal that you need to visit a doctor. Cold, influenza and many other inflammatory diseases go along with dozedness and rapid fatigability. That’s very obvious as at this time your organism needs a lot of energy to kill microbes.

To make your morning routine easier you should first of all get enough sleep. An average person needs 7-8 sleep for been full of energy and able to work the whole day. You should go to sleep in aired and comfortable for your room. For relaxing before sleep take a hot bath, read a book or listen to relaxing music or go for a little walk. But don’t try to eat your feelings with something tasty before bedtime it can cause not only nightmares but also a lack of energy in the morning.

To wake up easy in the morning try next lifehacks:

-Change the melody of your alarm

-Put it far off you as in such case you will need to get up for turning it off

-Drink a glass of water with few drops of lemon juice or green tea

-Do morning exercises

-Turn on motivational music

-Take a morning contrast shower

However if dozedness and difficult awakening bother you for a fairly long time, go to physician medical examination.

10 January 2020


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