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High-tech dental technology for training

High-tech dental technology for training

A pleasant novelty in 2020 is the new Phantom Dental Training Center, equipped with a video phantom that allows you to transmit images from the teacher's camera to the monitors of students.

In the renovated and equipped study room of the third medical faculty there is a work place for a lecturer and ten students. The process is as close as possible to the real one, where dental care is provided to the patient.

"On his phantom teacher performs certain manipulations, which should have a doctor in the direction of surgical, therapeutic, preventive outpatient care to the patient - says dean of the third medical faculty, Associate Professor Maxim Shishkin. - These are treatment, filling, tooth extraction, abscess opening, preventive procedures and the like. A signal is received on the monitor, and the students track the teacher's actions on their monitor. Each workplace has an intraoral camera that allows for feedback: the teacher monitors the student's manipulations on a given topic.

Ten students can work in a classroom at a time, without having to surround the teacher to see this or that manipulation, the process as comfortable as possible. We are not just satisfied with such a valuable acquisition and are grateful to the university rectorate, but we are proud that there is no dental kit with such functionality in any medical university of Ukraine, where future dentists are trained. The cost of the phantom center has cost the university almost four million hrn, monitors produced in the U.S., cameras - Italian. All this, of course, will bring the development of dentistry by our students to the level of world standards".

Training in the new center will begin in the spring semester, for this purpose have already purchased all the necessary consumables, teachers are experiencing with interest a novelty. By the way, very interesting and diverse are the functions of intraoral cameras. They are both diagnostic and training tools. In the past, dentists have tried to explain to the patient what tooth decay or other oral disease "in words", now both the doctor and the patient can see the health of their teeth with their own eyes, on a computer monitor. In addition, the camera helps to make the oral examination effective and thorough. So, modern technologies of world dental practice now serve ZSMU students.

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