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Christmas trees of our dear university

Christmas trees of our dear university

The New Year, as well as the new day, should be celebrated with love to the whole world, dear people as well as to your society and environment. One of the most important environment for us is one inside and outside of our university. That is why we have an amazing tradition to decorate Christmas trees at offices, auditoriums, departments, and halls. As big and small decorated with colorful balls, lights, and tinsel get into Christmas spirit in the air.

When the mother of one of our girl students saw the territory of our university for the first time, she said,” Look there are so many Christmas trees here. Just imagine how wonderful this place looks in the winter!». And we are very lucky to work and study surrounded by all these things.

And ZSMU territory we created a real oasis that you can hardly found in other places in our city. As our Christmas trees are countless. During several generations of staff and students live an amazing tradition to set conifers. One can find here very old trees that some time or other will “pass away”. But thanks to our care workers even these old “friends” have the opportunity to live a very long and wonderful life. As they are experts in taking care of old trees as well as setting and caring about young ones. The proof of that is a fabulous Christmas tree walkway that was created last year. Now small at past times trees, became tall and full-blown Christmas “beauties”.

We invite you to the Christmas tree excursion at our university. All these threes are creatively decorated with traditional The Holiday symbols as it does at a real home. What is worth only fancy Christmas tree made of books at the scientific library. We wish these pictures will warm the cockles of your heart and awake inside your soul marvelous memories that will give you a lot of energy and enthusiasm in the further year.

26 December 2019

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