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Lenses for myopia treatment is found

Lenses for myopia treatment is found

Nowadays our everyday lifestyle completely differs from our grandparents or grand-grandparents life conditions, not even mentioned the ones of our remote ancestors. It is not only we, who influenced our environment, it is our environment that influences us also. Not the best example of this statement is our health. Despite modern innovations in medicine, today we meet with numerous diseases that weren’t so world-spanning even a few decades ago. Today eye-diseases is a big problem for million people around the globe. For example, more and more children and young people are diagnosed with myopia or near-sightedness.

Reasons are usually next:
Bad diet
Constant eye strain
Weak extraocular muscles

But in 2012 Prof. Ian Morgan from the National University of Australia conducted special research that showed that myopia mainly caused by the lack of sunlight. Sunlight increase the level of dopamine in our eyes, that helps to lower lengthening of eye apple. For example, another scientist, Kathryn Saunders from Ulster University compared to children from Australia and South Ireland. Her research showed that children from Ireland are more prone to near-sightedness. She and her colleagues believe that the main reason it is an abundance of sunlight in Australia.

Many people trying to save their vision stop wearing glasses. They believe that glasses can provoke eye diseases as they led to the weakness of extraocular muscles.

Again experiments contradict this belief. In 2002 was conducted the experiment with two groups of children. The first group wore glasses with the kinds of lenses prescribed by the ophthalmologist. Another group wore glasses with more weak lenses than the ophthalmologist prescribed. Researches chose children from 9 to 14 years old. Changes were observed by specialists for 2 years. Final results showed that eye apple of children, who wore glasses with more weak lenses, lengthened more in comparison with children who wore glasses with appropriated lenses. Otherwise speaking final results showed that the vision of the second group reduced.

Thank God medical men want not only to understand the nature of eye diseases but also find means for their treatment. We could see the brilliant results of their hard work just in a couple of months. In March of 2020 American scientists will present unique product-first contact lenses that will slow down myopia progress in children of 8 to 9 years old. It will be MiSight lenses made by CooperVision.

The lenses were being tested for 3 years .135 children participated in this experiment. The makers said that these soft one-use lenses retard the process of eye apple lengthening that causes near-sightedness. They retard the process on average by 50 percent. They also reduce cataract development and retinal detachment in children with severe forms of myopia.

26 December 2019


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