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Six-year students are the first ones, who already started to pass exams

Six-year students are the first ones, who already started to pass exams

Today has started an examination session at ZSMU. It shows that students almost finish the autumn semester. Six years students both Ukrainian and foreign ones have started the examination session today. They are further graduates. They will have a writing examination on Internal Medicine, Surgery and Pediatrics, depending on their specialization.

Pro-Rector for scientific-pedagogical and academic work, Morguntsova Svitlana Andriivna said that as usual, before examination session was hard, all-inclusive preparatory work of all staff members within Rector’s Orders. At the orders, the Rector pay a big attention to the process of ending of the autumn semester and making up academic failure. Svitlana Andriivna said,”First of all was approved timetable of examination session and other forms of knowledge evaluation for all students of higher education. Also, deans stressed the necessity of preparation and conduction of exams and other works for knowledge evaluation under the existing legal and regulatory base of ZSMU. Based on exam results and academic performance in the autumn semester will be made a students’ rating list.

The big attention is paid to the making up of academic failure. Based on a special timetable every department conducts extra lessons for giving students an opportunity for making up their academic failure. This semester, deans of the departments analyzed results of work on academic failure and what groups of students making their academic failure successfully and what groups having problems with it at The Rectorate meetings. Such a form of work gives goods results. The percent of students who have problems with academic performance was reduced in comparison with the results of previous years. Because of the achievements of almost every student are under personalized control. Daily academic performance results analyzing is available thanks to the improvement of ICS that was introduced at ZSMU.

Also, Svitlana Andriivna said that after six-year students, the examination session will start for first, second and third-year students of all specializations and also for students of the second and fourth year who have to shorten terms of study. Students who have traditional form of studying will have examination session for 3 weeks.First two weeks will be hold credits and the last one will be hold exams.

Postgraduate students will also have an examination session .They will have exams on 14th and 15th of January. They will have several exams; some of them will be based on the training center.

The spring semester for all students will begin on the 3rd of February. And till that time, they will have a holiday break.

23 December 2019

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