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Doctor’s advice for preventing colds

Doctor’s advice for preventing colds

The medical director of Kyiv municipal health center, Otto Stoyka gave advice for preventing cold in winter.

First of all, he thinks that one should dress according to weather conditions and personal perception. For example, if you feel OK without winter hats or scarves, don’t wear them. Far too often, people want to fortify themselves against the cold weather so much, they forget that better a little fire to warm us than a great one to burn us. Too worm outfits in winter can cause bad colds. Especially it is parents, who should constantly remember this rule. As children are much more active than adults.

On the contrary, Otto Stoyka thinks that it's better to forget about scarfs for wintertime. It will help to fortify yourself against colds. For this reason, it is a better air room as often as you can.

Otto Stoyka advice to pay big attention to the shoes. Tread should be thick. And moving pace should correspond to the type of shoes. For example, for sports activities, you should wear more light clothes and shoes than for the usual walk.

Don’t forget about your hair. Many young people can go outside with damp hair even in winter. Never do it. It causes very bad diseases.

24 December 2019

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