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Humanitarian component helps study process

Humanitarian component helps study process

Regular and the last session of education in the humanities board and educative work at ZSMU has been held with numerous representatives of the Rectorate, deans, trade committee, Student Board, Curators of academic groups and heads of foreign student groups.

The session has been begun with the joyful occasion, awarding of ZSMU certificate based on the results of administration and educative work with student youth in 2019. The Head of education in the humanities and educative work board, associate professor Petro Bidzila, has conducted this mission. Petro Bidzila has given these certificates to staff members of the departments, who work with heads foreign students’ groups, curators of academic groups, some professors and workers of the scientific library of our University. He has conducted its work under the instruction of the Rectorate of the University. The awarding process expresses our respect for their work and shows that we understand how much their work is important for our university.

They also have discussed the main issue of the session about fields of realization of “Components of national and patriotic education at high education institutions for 2019-2020 academic year” at ZSMU that has been presented by the Head of the Board, associate professor, Petro Bidzila. The speaker has told about the main component for the conception realization and stressed that now at the university pay more attention to the teaching of social and humanitarian subjects as one of the main fields of national and patriotic education of students. Big attention has been paid to the studying of the Country History, the propaganda of achievements of scientists of Medicine and Pharmacy fields, popularization of scientific schools of the university among students.

For last years has been greatly activated voluntary work: students and professors help warriors of the War in Donbas, families of dead warriors, orphans, and many others. Such activity was awarded last year with a second-place certificate at the regional survey of volunteer work. Spectacular example, of patriotism acknowledgment, is the fact that The Rectorate of ZSMU decided to support financially 97 students, who parents participated at the War in Donbas or Joint Forces Operation at a charge of 2 scholarships, student Arthur Tsyupryk who is a participant of War in Donbas got support at a charge of 3 scholarships. At all the university spent on this project 256 thousands of UAH.The University is going to provide such support in the next year.

The Head of education in the humanities and educative work also has paid attention to the range of other aspects that are important for the realization of the Conception. He has given examples of interesting events that were systematically organized, particularly at the Department of Cultural Studies and Ukrainian Studies and at the other scientific units of humanitarian fields on the occasion of The Day of Ukrainian Language and Literature. He has told about events that were already organized for patriotic education. He also presented his ideas about the developing of such projects in the future in detail. Discussion of mentioned at the report issues has been very informative. Head of the Department of Social Studies, Professor, Iryna Utuzh, Head of the Department of Cultural Studies and Ukrainian Studies, Professor Olha Turgan, The Head of the Student Board, Valeria Turchynenko have expressed opinions concerning mentioned issues.

The report about other urgent issue, experience exchange between best curators and heads of foreign students groups has been made by Senior Professor of Department of Cultural Studies and Ukrainian Studies, Olena Vyeshchykova, Associate Professor of Department of Foreign Languages, Alla Kulichenko, professor of Department of Language Training of Foreign Citizens, Yaroslava Zuyenko, Senior Profesor of Department of Language Training of Foreign Citizens Yuliya Hrynʹ.The curators have told about the interests and passions of their students with expression, chant the praises of their achievements and presented slides.

All these reports have shown the very big role of humanitarian and educative components at a general contest of the education process. The Rectorate of ZSMU understand it and constantly create all necessary conditions for balanced studying and education of further doctors and pharmacologists.

20 December 2019


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