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What ZSMU does for city, region, and country?

What ZSMU does for city, region, and country?

What can give ZSMU to our city, region, and our country? First of all labor force. Every year we graduate highly qualified future workers with a well-grounded knowledge of Medicine and Pharmacy. Zaporizhzhia State Medical University deservedly one of the leading higher medical institutions of Ukraine. For the last decades at university gathered a group of brilliant scientists, professors, were trained numerous highly qualified specialists. One can rather find any single health facility where we don’t work with our graduates. A thousand graduates of Zaporizhzhia State Medical University after hard times of patient labor, exhausting searchings and difficulties exams became worthy representatives of a new generation of medical workers who stride to professional success. Their key to success is a grounded and systematic knowledge that they gained at university.

According to data of the annual consolidated rating of (educational website of Ukraine), ZSMU takes first place among all universities of the south-east region of Ukraine, and according to the rating of popularity among foreign students, ZSMU takes 4th place among all higher educational institutions of Ukraine. These high ratings are deserved, as it is the result of the hard work of teams from all departments of ZSMU.

The educational process constantly improves, modernize to respond to more and more requirements of worldwide academic societies. To make sure of it one has to just visit interdepartmental training centers equipped with modern technologies: dummies, simulators, training devices,” virtual patient” technologies. By the way. The interdisciplinary training center is used not only for teaching, training, and examination of students and intern knowledge. Based on interdisciplinary training centers were organized training of emergency aid for 107 militaries of National Guard of Ukraine. The health care center also got interested in the organization of training and courses for workers.

Specialized dental and cosmological training centers, training pharmacy, a virtual system of anatomic visualization for studying the structure of the human body at 3D. thousand computers, interactive touch screens, projectors. Zaporizhzhia State Medical University has amazing material support.

It is very important to admit that Zaporizhzhia State Medical University succeded not only to preserve the most valuable achievements of national medical education but also modernize it according to requirements of the modern world and society, informational space, accession to European Union and global society. The system of constant training of professors and scientists promote transferability of experience between different generations of ZSMU scientists.

Scientists and clinical physicians of ZSMU are pioneers of such medical fields as transplantology and organ replacements. Thanks to their hard work, innovating, and constant scientific searching activity Zaporizhzhia became a leading medical center of the country. And unique medications created at the university gave our region well deserved the honor. Abroad thiotriazoline medications are used in 16 countries of the world.

So ZSMU not only provides city and country with highly qualified workers but also earn prestige, image for city, region and all country. Apart from the fact that ZSMU is one of the best taxpayers in Zaporizhzhia. Every year add about 90 million UAH to the budget of Ukraine.

But wait there is more. Every year ZSMU purchase modern equipment for clinical departments several tens of millions used for providing highly qualified medical support to the population. This year alone we purchased a modern Ultrasound system for Oncology Dispensary, endoscopy tower for surgeries for a municipal hospital for Children № 5 that allows conducting surgeries even for newborn patients.ZSMU also purchased a unique denstitometer for a perinatal center that allows evaluating the health conditions of newborns and predicates their development.

20 December 2019


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