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Aerogel  can heal any kind of bone fracture

Aerogel can heal any kind of bone fracture

Researches found up a new material that will help to deal effectively with a bone fracture. This breakthrough will especially helpful for people with bone cancer. Statistics show less than 1% of patients with cancer have exactly this kind of oncology. It is rather a cruel kind of the disease. People who suffer from it often end up losing a lot of bone tissue and, in some cases, undergo amputation. The only way out is to cut out dangerous tissue before it damages the entire organism.

Based on the studies, hybrid aerogels prompt bone fusion. The mixture of solid and gas makes aerogels light and porous. That is why it can be used as scaffolds.

For such magical material, we should be thankful to the team of researches from Iran, Germany, and Austria. They had to face a lot of pitfalls and challenges to reach such a satisfactory result. The first substance they made was too hydrophobic, the second material was too stiff and dry, and the third one didn’t degrade in the body.

But once they finally baked a perfect substance of a source of silica, silk fibroin, acid, and a touch of detergent. Experiments showed that cells readily grew on aerogels surface, depositing the proteins and minerals required for bone growth along the way. Mice with bone injuries after implantation of the material showed waster and better recovering results in comparing to their brothers without implants.

This property of the hybrid aerogel to stimulate bone regeneration rapidly will certainly make it one of the most important cures of the future. That will help humankind come up to a new and fabulous level of life.

20 December 2019

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