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ZSMU Christmas Fair call for a Christmas spirit

ZSMU Christmas Fair call for a Christmas spirit

Magic numbers 2020 are already in the air at ZSMU. Blue lights of beautiful Christmas tree was light up already at the territory of the Student Town. Today at the hall of sport and auditorium building of the University at the big break has been conducted colorful pre-Christmas concert that has been prepared by students and professors of The Department of Foreign Languages. All members of our University know that if the Department of Foreign Languages conducts Christmas Fair, it means that Winter Holiday is coming to us already.

The student band amazingly performed a famous song, “Last Christmas”.Students organized Fairy Trade, where one can find different сakes,сoockies, buns, jellies and many other kinds of beautiful and tasty sweet bakeries. This year young cookers made real masterpieces of sweet bakeries. For creating a Christmas atmosphere at University, they have performed dances, songs and also told about Christmas Traditions in English Speaking Countries. Of course, the event has been conducted in English.

Associate Professor, Larysa Sazanovych have told us,” Such fair we usually conduct before Christmas according to the Gregorian calendar. It is the first step of celebrating Christmas at our university, we help to decorate Christmas trees, create a Christmas atmosphere for students and our colleagues. All our departments participate in this fair. We had prepared for this event for a month, had announced about it beforehand to inform all students. They had proposed numerous dance routine and we had chosen the best ones. Our conception was to show our audience how Winter Holidays are celebrated in different countries vividly and colorfully.

Associate Professors, Alla Kulichenko and Liliya Bezpala had worked side by side with students most of all. Usually, the most active participants are first and second-year students of all departments. This time foreign students amazed us with their authentical performances. Proceeds from the sweet bakery selling will send to children's shelter “Nadia” for the needs of young patients. This is an amazing, long-term tradition that motivates and inspires our students even more.

At the break time young people have made photos on the background of Christmas Tree, enjoy desserts and bought presents for friends.

When Danish scientists studied the nature of happiness they concluded that when a person sees holiday attributes: decorated Christmas tree, colorful Christmas tree set and presents, its brain activity highly increases. As you can see, the Christmas spirit had already entered into ZSMU. It’ is an amazing time for all of us to switch to positive thoughts, plan happy events and for students, it's an amazing time to set their mind on examination sessions.

18 December 2019


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