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Partnership that brings benefit to the study process

Partnership that brings benefit to the study process

Zaporizhzhia State Medical University has been cooperating closely with Association “NEO INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES AND TECHNOLOGY LIMITED” in the sphere of education of foreign students for approximately 20 years. Especially valuable part of the partnership is providing the students with professional English-language literature. Recently the Administration of the Association has gifted ZSMU a new portion of modern textbooks.

“The firm “NEO” has repeatedly handed over modern English-language textbooks on various subjects,” Ivan Yurchenko, Assistant of the First Pro-rector, says. The previous academic year we received 765 textbooks from “NEO”, this autumn they handed over 509 more books, and the same amount of books is planned to be provided by the Association in the nearest time.
The departments and the library of ZSMU received 400 portable USB-drivers for use that contain multimedia courses on 16 basic and clinical disciplines prepared by specialists of academic publishing house “Elsevier”; and 8 electronic multimedia courses additionally.

Moreover, the firm has gifted 100 tablets to the best students to use electronic resources of the library and the departments of ZSMU. These together form strong support and will contribute to the common purpose of training highly qualified personnel for Indian Republic,” Ivan Yurchenko noted.
Professor Yurii Kolesnyk, Rector of Zaporizhzhia State Medical University, expressed his deep respect to His Excellency Manoj Kumar Bharti, Ambassador of India, in the official letter. The letter said that during the years of cooperation Association “NEO INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES AND TECHNOLOGY LIMITED” had been conscientiously fulfilling the obligations and became the main partner of the University in enrolling Indian citizens for study at ZSMU.

Association “NEO” has already made a significant contribution and has been consistently providing improvement of accommodation and increasing comfort of the foreign citizens that study at ZSMU.
Thanks to the financial support of the firm some rooms have been equipped for sport, music and dancing exercises, a computer class has been equipped as well. They have been also conducted repair and renewal of the hostel rooms to make accommodation and studying of Indian students comfortable.

Together with ZSMU “NEO” has opened a café with traditional Indian food in the territory of the University campus. The establishment has been working for 7 years.
With the assistance of the Association a number of additional camera surveillance and control systems have been designed to monitor the academic buildings and the hostels of the University to improve the security of the foreign students with the possibility of on-line translation for the students’ parents.

Very important is the fact that professors from India have traditionally coming to deliver lectures to the Indian students to prepare them for the Medical Council of India Screening.
Moreover numerous webinars and on-line meetings with professors of leading high educational institutions have been organized for the Indian students during an academic year.
“Finally, the Rector of ZSMU highlighted, with the support of the Association, Zaporizhzhia Alumni Indian Student Association, recognized by the Ministry of the external affairs, has been formed. ZAISA is an association that contributes to the solution of various issues concerning foreign students, exchanging experience and knowledge, realization of social projects and popularizing of ZSMU and Ukraine through the graduates of the University.

On 25 of November with the participation of the Administration and the Student Board of ZSMU Indian students have organized a flash mob and a concert devoted to the Constitution day of India.
The letter also says that the Administration of ZSMU has been constantly caring of improvement of students’ success in studying. The electronic journal was introduced in the previous year to help students, lecturers and the Administration to conduct learning process. Students and parents can find the actual timetable, place of lectures or academic success on-line.

Taking the opportunity, the Rector thanked the Ambassador of India for the support and expressed hope for the on-going fruitful cooperation.



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