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Extended session of the academic board of ZSMU

Extended session of the academic board of ZSMU

Today has been held an extended session of the Academic Board of Zaporizhzhia State Medical University.

At the beginning of the session as tradition demands the Rector of ZSMU, Prof. Yu.M Kolesnik has expressed his gratitude for more than half a century conscientious piece of work at the University of Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor of The Department of Pathologic Physiology, L.L Golubovych

The Academic Board of ZSMU has considered a range of urgent issues. The Pro-rector, Associate Professor, M.O.Avramenko, has conducted comprehensive analysis of conditions of foreigner students training and teaching at the faculties of our university. He has told about not only present conditions but also about perspectives of the development. Deans of international departments, D.I.Dochynets and I.V.Melnyk have extended his report The Head of education in the humanities Counsel, Associate Professor P.O. Bidzilya has shared his experience, knowledge, and skills of studying foreign students, their adaptation to the living conditions at our country, and disciplinary aspects.

The Rector of ZSMU, Prof.Yu.M.Kolesnik has stressed on the necessity of improving fire safety at the university buildings, monitoring fire safety conditions and developing new events plan.

Professor O.A.Ryzhov informed The Academic Board of ZSMU about achievements of our university at an informatization of education.

The Pro-rector for scientific-pedagogical and academic work, Associate Professor, S.A. Morguntsova has given to the audience the information about ending of the autumn semester of 2019-2020 studying year, about some organization issues, and work of the system of inter supporting of higher education quality at ZSMU.

The Academic Board of ZSMU has voted for the election of several people to the vacancies, made several conferrals and considered a range of other issues.

17 December 2019

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