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Intellectual dialogue at an interdisciplinary plane

Intellectual dialogue at an interdisciplinary plane

At Zaporizhzhia State Medical University constantly searching for forms and methods of improvement of subjects teaching and realization of interdisciplinary interactions at medical education. The Rectorate of ZSMU promoted the involvement of creative dialogues that would be parts of practical and theoretic study at the lectures of “Essentials of bioethics and biosafety” of specialists from different faculties. Quality university education implies the organization of the educational process in a modern interesting way that lectures for students be not just a waste of time but a creative process that motivates them to think, analyze and absorb the knowledge.

The realization of such a project has been begun together by The Department of Social Studies and The Department of Pharmacology and Medical Formulation. The Head of The Department of Social Studies, Professor, Iryna Utyuzh presented a plan of joint binary lectures and their goals to the first-year students of second medical faculty. Iryna Gennadiyivna paid attention to the importance of combining practical and theoretical parts in studying bioethics problems of the modern world.

The lecture that was dedicated to pre-clinical and clinical researching problems was held by the Head of The Department of Pharmacology and Medical Formulation, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Ihor Byelenichev and Associate Professor of The Department of Social Studies, Natalya Spytsya.

Professor Igor Belenichev told students about the world and the Ukrainian practice of conducting pre-clinical and clinical researching and its bioethics part in detail. For further doctors and researches, the information about laboratories at our university and technologies that are available here was interesting and valuable. They could assure one more time that our high medical education institute at present fully correspond worldwide recognized standards of bioethical norms of scientific researching.

Precisely such an approach to the lecture conducting as a fascinating dialogue between professor staff and students corresponds to the patterns of high quality of higher education.

17 December 2019


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