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Open Day at ZSMU

Open Day at ZSMU

Today is an Open Day at ZSMU. As usually numerous guests who wish to know more about our university have gathered at the assembly hall. The hall with 600 places was overwhelmed.No wonder, such a situation has happened every year as our medical university is highly popular among enrollees and their parents, and not only in our region.

Even though detailed information about term of the admission period, conditions of enrollment and many others important issues are available on the website, it is important to the enrollees to speak directly with The Rector of ZSMU, see professors with their eyes, listen to them, speak with them, get answers to the matters of concern. For parents, it is important to see the conditions of the university where their children will study if they are enrolled in the university.

At the opening part, The Rector of ZSMU, Prof. Yuriy Kolesnik has greeted all guests and introduce members of the Rectorate, deans, professors, admission boards, heads of examination boards of different subjects to the guests. First of all Yuriy Myhailovich paid attention to the peculiarities of development and reformation of high education institutions at present, peculiarities of the transformation of medicine in Ukraine that is undoubtedly tightly connected with study at our medical institution.

The Rector also stressed that young people who are made a final decision concerning their professional future should never deviate from their dreams, be insisted and purposeful, as, even though times and social formation constantly changes, such professions as doctor and pharmacist are always in demand. That is why now further enrollees should assure that they made the right choice, as the way of obtaining a medical degree is a difficult and thorny one. It acquires hard and patient work at both: our university and further professional life. It is very important to be oriented at the modern and perspective labor market.ZSMU’s degrees are highly valued in our country and abroad. The administration of the university and professor staff make their best for giving students fundamental education at the highest level.

Professor, Yuriy Kolesnik have shown guest our institution and stressed that technical and material base of the university is constantly upgrading, also new opportunities for the introduction of new technologies at our university opens constantly. Novelties of the last years as equipping of interdepartmental and dental training centers, laboratories, and faculties are proved it. We create convenient conditions for students studying, living, our scientific library also provides a wide range of services.

As always guests have put a lot of questions. The Rector of ZSMU have listened to everybody and answered every single question. Enrolees and their parents have interested in peculiarities of studying at such specialties as cardiology, dentistry, dermatology, Forensic Medicine with Bases of Law. Many of them were interested in how to become a pharmacist specialized at cosmetology. They wanted to know more about internship enrollment conditions for further students, as well as do alumni of medical colleagues should also pass ZNO(EIT- External independent evaluation), what passing points are consist of, peculiarities of international student exchange program, and are there enrollment preparation courses at the university or not. Some students were interested in studying price, list of specialties with state-funded places, are there any privileges for children of War in Donbas participants and many others. They all have got exhaustive replies.

It is worth noting that many questions have been about not the admission process, but about studying conditions. This fact shows that the biggest part of guests who have attended Open Day have already chosen what university is the best for giving their children medical education. By the way, all the necessary information can be found on the website in a detailed form.

The meeting at all has last about an hour and a half. Every participant has got special materials with information about our university: flyers, where one can read about ZSMU, Admission rules and etc. This year admission Board have stressed everybody’s attention to the next rules: -This year enrollees can apply only 5 applications for a state-funded place. The previous year they could apply 7 applications. -This year we could accept ZNO(EIT- External independent evaluation) certificates of 2017, 2018, 2019 та 2020 years.

Enrollees on the base of full general secondary education could apply applications only in electronic form, it rule also includes information and documents about benefits and privileges if a person has one.

For enrollment, to the state-funded place, an enrollee should attach three ZNO(EIT- External independent evaluation) certificates: Ukrainian Language and Literature, Biology and Chemistry (by choice), Physics or Mathematics(by choice).

-For second and third subjects (that gives an opportunity to participate in a competitive form of admission)-no less than 150 points

At the competitive form of admission can participate enrollees with full secondary education and points for subjects that give the opportunity to participate in a competitive form of admission no less than 125 points.

For enrollment to specialty 226 Pharmacy, industrial pharmacy educational programs Pharmacy and Technology of Cosmetics and Perfumery (full and part-time forms of studying) are accepted enrollees who got no less than 130 points for subjects that gives an opportunity to participate in a competitive form of admission.

Enrollees with a junior specialist diploma for enrollment to the second year, should pass not only entrance exam in chosen specialty but also give ZNO(EIT- External independent evaluation) certificate of Ukrainian Language and Literature of 2017, 2018, 2019, or 2020 years.

So, we are waiting for smart, brave and purposeful enrollees. And of course, we should mention that students that have been our guests today have visited a range of faculties, The Anatomy Museum, saw auditoriums, and classes. We are sure that they all will come to our university for studying.

16 December 2019

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