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Scientists of the department of language training are expanding their horizons

Scientists of the department of language training are expanding their horizons

The teachers of the department of language training of ZSMU use every opportunity to learn new professional knowledge, develop and be interesting to their students. Recently the international scientific-practical seminar "Ukrainian language as a foreign language in professional activity" was held on the basis of the National University "Lviv Polytechnic". This seminar was attended by Ph.D. in Philology, senior lecturer, department of language training - Olga Gritsenko. She presented a report on "Formation of language and speech skills and dialogue skills - questions" by a doctor - a patient "at the classes of Ukrainian as a foreign language". The experience of ZSMU was received with great interest by the participants of the seminar.

Communication between the participants was fruitful, the participants were pleased to discover the high scientific school of the National University "Lviv Polytechnic", with actual and interesting reports were held by Ukrainian (from Kiev, Lviv, Cherkassy, Vinnitsa) and foreign (from Great Britain, Turkey, Bulgaria, USA) scientists. Teachers, business consultants, trainers, experts, and Peace Corps volunteers participated in the discussion on the importance of Ukrainian as a foreign language in their professional activities. They also focused on the problems of teaching Ukrainian to foreigners at medical universities.

Within the framework of the seminar the teachers of Zaporizhzhya State Medical University and Lviv National Medical University named after Daniil Galitsky shared their work experience.

ZSMU was also represented in the Kharkiv National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture at the International Scientific and Practical Seminar "Innovations and Traditions in Language Training of Students", which gathered participants from Ukraine, Poland, Georgia, Turkey and other countries.

At the forum it was discussed about: teaching Ukrainian language as a reflection of the essential socio-cultural processes; linguistic and cultural problems of teaching Ukrainian language as a foreign language; linguistic methods of teaching language as a foreign language; problems of teaching foreign languages in higher educational institutions, other processes in this field.

At the plenary session of the seminar, Associate Professor of the Department of Language Training Jeanne Ragrina presented her report "Innovation in the teaching of languages to foreign students (from the experience of the Department of Language Training at ZSMU)," familiarized those attending with several "highlights" of the educational process of the native department, in particular, with the peculiarities of working with the online service Webpen Liveworksheets, Quizlet, Wordlearner, OpenEntextra" and the specifics of their implementation in practical language classes. The presentation was also aroused interest and lively discussion.

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