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Mentors are met with international students

Mentors are met with international students

At the Department of Pharmacology and Medical Recipe of ZSMU there was a meeting of students from the Republic of India, living in the dormitory number 2, with their curators. According to professor Igor Belenichev, the head of the department, such meetings take place systematically, because the work of the teacher is not limited in lecture room or in classroom. They help to establish cooperation with international students, as well as to promptly respond to their problems.

The conversation was really sincere and intimate thanks to the vice-head of the department associate professor Alexander Tikhonovsky, who supervises educational work - Alexander Vladimirovich has a great experience of teaching and communication with the student community, knows well the needs and problems of young people from abroad. Senior lecturer Artem Yegorov, assistants Pavel Bak and Kristina Korostina also joined the conversation.

Indian students shared their problems during their studies. It was also a question of living conditions, as studying in a medical university is not easy and good life conditions are plays an important role in this process.

In general, foreign students are satisfied with the living conditions, because the university creates them as comfortable as possible - there is a place to work independently with access to the Internet network, do homework, relax and cook food. They expressed their gratitude to the rector's office, personally to the rector, Professor Yuriy Kolesnik for their caring attitude and help in mastering the profession.

The teachers listened attentively to the wishes of foreign students, all of which will be taken into account in further training and educational work.

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