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Successful adaptation of foreign students

At the center for the training of foreign citizens of the university, the life of young people who have come to us to acquire a medical education is constantly intense. Many newcomers arrived at this fall and the curators of the groups strive to adapt foreign listeners to the new environment as quickly as possible. First of all, they organized interesting and informative excursions for them. Traditionally, everyone was first introduced to the campus, the location of buildings and dormitories, told about the history of the university.

An interesting excursion was to an anatomic museum. Here, foreign students enthusiastically viewed the exhibits, got a lot of useful information and got acquainted with the latest methods of teaching with the help of an interactive whiteboard.

Citizens of foreign countries with interest learn about the region where their student youth will be held, so they  take every opportunity to learn more about Zaporozhye, its interest. Visitors of the center have returned from the visit to the museum of technics full of bright impressions. The young people were especially impressed by the exposition devoted to the history of Zaporizhzhya engine building plant, where among the exhibits there are unique collections of piston and jet engines produced by the company in different periods of history. We have seen the collection of retro motorcycles and private collection of samovars. They were also photographed on the background of military equipment: guns, howitzers, anti-aircraft guns and helicopters for sending photos to parents.

Together with our students, foreign students celebrated the Day of Ukrainian writing and language. At the foreign citizens training center, teachers conducted a Ukrainian dictation among the students of young groups. The winners were chosen: in the category "Best  Grammatical  Expert", Er-Rame Duaa (g. 6), second in Sharaf Ikram (g. 4), third in Ben El Gada Arroyo Yassin (g. 8).

The teachers of the center concentrate their efforts to create comfortable conditions for the adaptation of foreigners in the new social and cultural environment and see first results - students have already managed to love the university and consider it their own.

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