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Got knowledge, certificates and motivation!

Got knowledge, certificates and motivation!

Twelve teachers from ZSMU were trained at the simulation training center of the State Medical and Pharmaceutical University named after Nicolae Testemitanu of the Republic of Moldova in Chisinau. The Moldovan center is equipped with modern mannequins, as well as equipment for developing skills in working with patients, improving endoscopic research techniques, conducting laparoscopic operations, simulation of emergency conditions and resuscitation of patients, and many others. The European Union has allocated almost 4.5 million euros for the establishment of the centre, and the Swiss government has provided mannequins and facilitated the training of specialists in similar European centres.

The delegation from our university was formed by the representatives of the departments of internal diseases, faculty pediatrics, children's, hospital and general surgery, anesthesiology and intensive care, obstetrics and gynecology, traumatology and orthopedics - those who make the most of the opportunities of ZSMU training center.

Professors Sergey Kiselev, Tamila Shumnaya, associate professors Inna Cherna, Oleg Lyovkin, Maxim Kozhemyaka, Alexey Kapshitar, Evgen Gaidarzhi, Mikhail Pavlyuchenko, candidates of medical sciences, assistants Elena Nazarenko, Alexey Kokorkin, Evgen Aravitsky and Ekaterina Romanova, head of the training center, had a unique opportunity to be trained in the course "Modern methods of medical education" and received certificates entitling them to train other teachers to work in the university training center.

The internship program was intense, working from morning till late evening, because in a short time it was necessary to master the methodology of medical modeling, to master the principles of developing simulation scenarios, their implementation in teaching students, to prepare and carry out their own simulation scenarios, and then their detailed analysis . However, as noted by the trainees, such training is extremely motivating for the widespread introduction of modern medical modeling technologies into the educational process.

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