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Ordinary student having extraordinary interests

During the student’s day celebration the Rector of ZSMU has granted certificates and awards not only to Ukrainian students but also foreign ones. Among the researcher students Kesarapu Sai Ratan, third-year student of ZSMU from India, was highlighted.
It’s considered to be a great achievement to be nominated as “Scientist of the year”. It’s especially significant when you are a third-year student. However, it’s not surprising as he has been showing interest in science since he was 12. The student’s interests include regenerative medicine, neurology, neurosurgery, microsurgery, rehabilitation. He is especially fond of interdisciplinary researches that combine different spheres of science.
"Every problem must be investigated from different points of view: medical, biological, technical, social. That is why I try to improve my theoretical knowledge in physics, mathematics, engineering and other sciences. Such approach is widespread all over the world. Moreover, there is no separate Indian, European or American science. We have global science now. And this opens broad perspectives for scientists," Kesarapu Sai Ratanthinks. 
Participation in scientific symposiums of Ukraine, Bulgaria and Japan is among the outstanding achievements of the young researcher. Actually, it was not only participation. His report in the 1st International Symposium “Reconstruction of peripheral nerves after traumas. Neurology and rehabilitation” in Kyiv (Ukraine, May 2016) was recognized as the best scientific work. And in the 14th International Congress of medical sciences in Sofia (Bulgaria, May 2015) Kesarapu Sai Ratan was named the youngest scientist, who presented the scientific research. The student also presented his report in the International Conference on engineering systems and technologies in New York (USA, 2014). Kesarapu Sai Ratan has written and published four articles, and three more are accepted for publishing by International scientific editions. 
However, the student is very humble and he replies,
"I am an ordinary student. I am deeply interested in solving problems in unusual and unsuspected way at the cross wards of the sciences. My elder brother, who works as an engineer in the USA, helps me a lot in my researches. The great assistance is provided by ZSMU lecturers Serhii Chuhin, Yurii Abrosimov  and others. Only with their help my researches has become fruitful."
He chose ZSMU on the recommendations of his relatives and friends who had graduated from this University earlier.
"It’s very important that I can get not only theoretical knowledge at ZSMU, but also opportunity to communicate with patients, practice my skills and knowledge here as well. This is of great value in the world."   

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