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ZSMU students prepare for an objective structured clinical examination

ZSMU students prepare for an objective structured clinical examination

The sixth year students of ZSMU, who study medicine, have started to prepare for OSCE. The exam for graduates will be held in June next year, but they have already started to prepare now. Practical skills they are trained at the training center. This stage in the future graduates is very serious, therefore the attitude to it of dean's offices of faculties is extremely responsible. The process is steadily controlled by the deans.

Students of the 6th course of the II medical faculty of pediatrics were the first to prepare.  “The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has approved the procedure for conducting a unified state qualification exam for graduates of higher medical educational institutions. Our students need to learn practical skills. That's why we have already decided to introduce them into simulation training. They pass three levels. We are working with a virtual patient, so we have to make the right diagnosis, taking into account laboratory tests, complaints and the like. The next level is the electrocardiogram with interpretation. There is also a complex with basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation. There are two groups work daily for the task is purely ф. In total, 110 students, that is, 10 groups, will receive such trainings.

During the first days of classes students worked with pediatricians teachers of departments of children's surgery and anesthesiology, children's diseases, children's infectious diseases and others, whose activities are associated with childhood.

"Skills that we develop with the students will be constantly meeting in their practical work, so they are very useful for them, and they will not forget this training, - said the assistant of the Department of Children's Surgery and Anesthesiology Alexei Kokorkin, who together with the head of the Center Ekaterina Romanova clearly and creatively organize the educational process. - It concerns first aid, ECG, modeling of clinical situations.

The center has many mannequins, which include different age categories of children and this creates situations that are close to reality, when the doctor has to make decisions for himself. Recently, a number of teachers of our university have been trained in the simulation training center of the State Medical and Pharmaceutical University named after Nicolae Testimitanu of the Republic of Moldova in Chisinau, brought from there the experience of work in the training centers, so we successfully apply it in ourselves. It adds confidence that we will prepare our graduates well for the OSCE.

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