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Frankly about the main thing

Frankly about the main thing

The first of the traditional meetings of the rectorate with the students of the final year of study took place in an interesting, friendly and constructive atmosphere. The Rectorate of ZSMU organizes such meetings every year to explain to the graduates the peculiarities of graduation, exams, waiting for them, and other issues. In addition to the usual list of questions this year, there are also reforms of internship.

- All the years that I have been working as a rector, and besides, as a pro-rector, medical education and health care have been constantly reforming. That's why it shouldn't come as a surprise to us. First of all, we should make every effort to successfully complete the training, - said the rector of ZSMU, professor Yuriy Kolesnik. - Because your future professional destiny depends only on good knowledge. We must be ready for everything. Now the working group of the mMinistry is engaged in the analysis of proposals, including those received from us. As soon as the final decision is made, we will inform you immediately.

The first pro-rector of the associate professor Mykola Avramenko told the students about the meeting at the Ministry of Health, where the peculiarities of the planned reform of internship were discussed. Assistant to the rector Natalia Baranova explained the procedure for joining the internship, as provided by the relevant project. And the dean of the faculty of postgraduate education, professor Yuriy Ryabokon focused on the very training in internship.

There were a lot of questions to the university management, not only about internship, but also about other acute problems - the work of clinical departments in reformed health care institutions, international exams IFOM, license exams CROC, OSKI, EDCI and many other topics.

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