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Preventive health check-up: we'll be healthy!

Preventive health check-up: we'll be healthy!

Today, at the university medical rehabilitation and prevention center,  started the medical examination of ZSMU employees.  Already in the morning a team of highly qualified specialists of "University clinic" started working.

It is the opportunity to visit an ophthalmologist, otolaryngologist, dermatovenerologist, neurologist, therapist, cardiologist, and ECG. Women are examined by an obstetrician-gynecologist. In the manipulation room of the laboratory technician is taken for analysis of blood. Fluoroscopic examination is carried out at the university сlinic. This year, for the first time a week, on Thursday, a psychiatrist receives the test. Dentists are invited to the consultation. All examinations are free of charge.

Prevention is an important factor in our being", says Elena Kuvanina, a physician and therapist at the Center. - Professors, lecturers, technical workers of our university are people who are extremely busy with their daily work, and, of course, not everyone will come to mind to check their health, so the practice of mandatory medical examination is very positive and has been implemented by the university management. It is necessary first of all to prevent possible diseases, which can be hidden until the time, a person at a certain stage and does not guess about them, and we can see the threat in advance, "read" the results of the tests, ECG, etc. Preventive examination will help to predict what will happen to the body in the future and to protect itself from complex problems. I know from practice that I had to state during the medical examination cases of abandoned hypertension, anemia, complex pathological vascular lesions, cardiological problems and the like. At the same time, we recommend a person to contact an industry specialist for an in-depth examination. After all, our university clinic has all the possibilities for this.

Doctors are sure that there are no completely healthy people, there are those who have not been investigated. Therefore, we are pleased with the good results of preventive examinations and good mood!

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