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Mom, I became a donor!

Mom, I became a donor!

The Donors Day was held at ZSMU. More than one hundred students came to the donor point, 89 of them donated blood.

Many young people are already used to this procedure when they study at university. There is a reason for pleasant excitement, because it is noble. And students, future doctors, during their internships in clinical departments and self-study will have to see how human health can get worse because of the lack of blood products.

On the eve of the day before the donor's day, students in faculties, dean's offices, and auditoriums are reminded of the need to donate blood for the needs of patients. This resonates with the fact that in the morning there is a queue of young people in the center for medical rehabilitation and prevention of ZSMU who are ready for a noble mission. The Center's employees believe that the activity of students could have been much higher, but now, against the backdrop of late autumn and cold weather, seasonal diseases have already begun, prevented many from coming to the donor station.

The work is well-organized, first everyone is found in a computer database, registered as newcomers, so potential donors are examined by specialists, health parameters are tracked. The student takes a blood test and receives a card that goes directly to the procedure.

Before the procedure, the students tasted sweet tea with baked goods, and then got 71 hrn for lunch as stipulated by the donation act. A pleasant bonus for everyone will be two free "donor" days, and most importantly, moral satisfaction from their mission. After all, the "donor" is from the word "donate", and it is always nice, especially when you share the most precious thing - a drop of life.

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