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Partnership for development

Partnership for development

At the invitation of the rectorate Zaporizhzhya State Medical University was visited by the vice-president of the World federation of Ukrainian medical societies, surgeon of the сenter of mammology of military medical center named after Walter Reed in Maryland, Dr. Roxolana Gorbova.

The World Federation of Ukrainian Medical Societies was established in 1977 to help protect and promote the health of the people of Ukraine. The main directions were also the development of domestic science, participation in the solution of medical problems, promotion of professional growth of medical workers, their legal and social protection. Over the years, SFULT has organized a number of educational and scientific projects in Ukraine, concerning not only the organization of medical care and education, but also the consequences of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, new methods of diagnosis and treatment in various fields of medicine, occupational safety and pathology, protection of motherhood and childhood, infectious diseases, medical ethics and deontology, and other issues.

The university's visiting program was extremely busy. At the meeting with the rector of ZSMU, Ph.D. professor Yuriy Kolesnik and the first pro-rector of the associate professor Mykola Avramenko, Mrs. Roksolana Gorbova told about the upcoming projects that can be implemented on the basis of the university. These include various trainings for students and teachers, professional development cycles for practicing physicians, and cooperation in scientific research.

The guest had an opportunity to get acquainted with the university, and noted the high level of educational and material-technical base, modern advanced innovative technologies that are being implemented at the university, in particular, the equipment of the inter-departmental training center and the department of human anatomy, operative surgery and topographic anatomy. Roksolana Gorbova visited the University clinic of ZSMU and was pleasantly surprised by the most modern methods of treatment introduced in the institution thanks to the latest equipment of world level.

Dr. Gorbova conducted a training on hemostatic technologies and also noted the high level of knowledge, interest and motivation of our students.

The university management and Dr. Roxolana Gorbova reached an agreement on the beginning of cooperation and the first thematic cycle in the near future.

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