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ZSMU at an international NATO programme training.

ZSMU at an international NATO programme training.

Ukraine hosted the first practical training by «Organization of Security Measures, counteraction and emergency response by situations in the east of Ukraine» with the support of the NATO programme «Science for peace and security». The conference was held at the Dnepropetrovsk regional clinical hospital named after I.I. Mechnikov in cooperation with Harvard humanitarian initiative.

Zaporozhye State Medical University was represented by Vladyslav Skoba, a 5th year student of the II Medical Faculty. The student community knows Vladyslav as a successful student, recently elected to the student сouncil. Vladyslav took part in the hostilities during the anti-terrorist operation in eastern Ukraine. He is a certified medical instructor who initiates and conducts trainings at the university and educational institutions of the city. Recently, on the occasion of the International Student Day, the future physician was determined among the winners of the university and regional stages of the competition "Student of the Year - 2019" in the nomination "Student - Patriot of the Year".

These are the impressions Vladislav Skoba shares from participating in the event:

"The training has impressed with its good organization, its powerful representation of speakers. Were from local scientific and medical institutions, as well as well-known foreign, such as Harvard, universities. The organizers aimed to teach the participants to respond professionally and effectively to emergency situations, to inform about the latest security technologies in the conflict zone in Ukraine, as well as to create a network of potential teachers and technical specialists who will be able to train other medical workers and scientists in the region.

I took part in a five-day course on "Basic Emergency Care" organized by the World Health Organization. A very interesting and invaluable experience was the training sessions of Shon Kivlekhan, master of public health at Brigham Hospital (Boston, USA). A person with world-class experience, for example, talked to me, a student, on an equal footing, asking me how we act in extreme cases, when there are not enough devices to replace them. We learned a lot from the master classes, during which we considered the protocols of emergency medical aid at the pre-hospital, early hospital stages. The military, police, rescue workers worked in the same team, felt the benefit and effectiveness of joint actions.

We were also introduced to international standards of treatment with victims, how to conduct a general examination, to provide assistance in case of injury, shock conditions, and types of poisoning, and in parallel, we took a course on ultrasound diagnostics.

Colleagues from Norway carried out damage control, - taught the protocols for providing assistance to patients with surgical tactics. We were shown a lot of new stimulation equipment in action, and communication and exchange of experience was free and unrestricted.

I was impressed by the team of the regional clinical hospital named after I.I. Mechnikov, headed by Professor Sergey Ryzhenko. These are courageous and highly professional people who have been carrying an incredibly difficult mission of a powerful medical institution in Eastern Ukraine for five years. They help the wounded, who are constantly being brought here from the war. Every year, the hospital services more than 40,000 patients and employs more than 2,000 physicians. Earlier I saw Sergey Ryzhenko on TV, where he commented on particularly difficult situations, but now he listened to lectures from him and colleagues, saw them in work, felt the respect of foreign professionals, and even more convinced that I chose the best profession in life.

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